How can you build an intelligent framework for digital initiatives?

It is now time to answer strategic questions readers and followers have defined through our common global story. While concluding Round#1 of this third loop, we have discussed the limits of digitalization, with regards to social, legal and environmental sectors. Questions of timing, relevance and cultures are highly debated among experts and business leaders. It appears critical to equip marketing, strategy and innovation practitioners with appropriate thinking frameworks to make sense of connected and interactive customer interactions. I have therefore worked on shaping an operational plan to help them build an intelligent framework for digital initiatives.

Learning to be social

One of the identified trend of our global story is the growing importance of user centricity and human values, on top of existing economic and commercial objectives. In parallel, social innovation keeps showcasing success stories putting individual stories at the heart of ingenious, often collaborative initiatives for local change with systemic impact. Looking at innovation from the social angle enables to shape a better user context while gaining from their own inspiration. You can read our latest social innovation highlights below.

Building an intelligent framework around digital initiatives

This operational plan analyses the legal, social and environmental requirement for digital tools and platforms to define a set of guidelines aiming to shape meaningful digital initiatives, adapted to their context. Detailing how such projects should create human links between expert solutions and expert customers, developing interactive creativity and customer centricity, as well as a unique and systematic value to solve global challenges, this operational plan shows how technology can enhance creativity and problem solving by humans, for humans.

The human link

As mentioned while closing the first round of this loop, one of the ideas to become an “exponential catalyst” is to embody the link between disconnected knowledge communities that would exponentially benefit from working together. Acting as this very human link enables smart change makers to analyse how they can combine creativities through human and technological means to create unique, expert solutions for expert customers.

As you have noticed, this blog has been on hold for a while, and I have to admit I’m happy to write about innovation as a strategy again after such a long break. Away from this global window on change, I have developed my own business and initiated digital programmes locally to enable local professionals make the most of digital technologies based on their human talent. We have now reached the end of Loop#3, Round#2, and I will gladly hold a new open think l@b session to take you through the results of a real business opportunity developed thanks to human centricity and systematic innovation. writes the innovation story that thousands of innovation experts around the world constantly develop and share on WAI social networks. Browse our knowledge library and read our management reports to learn more.

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