Daily Pick: 7 ideas to enhance intelligent productivity

Welcome back! Over the past few months, I have been busy developing our marketing and design-thinking agency for rural territories. Our business developments and achievements have brought valuable insights into innovation, culture and technologies. They will be useful to complement the writing of our global innovation story, starting with this fresh innovation tips and Daily Pick.

2019 is well underway and fiscal years in many companies are reaching an end in a couple of months. Are you in the midst of workshops, committees and reviews to reshape your strategy in the next term? WeAreInnovation.org has 7 tips for you.

#1 Make your data clever

Behavourial economics and intelligent nudging, and through them AI and ethics, could be new development areas for your marketing and data analytics team. How can you best approach and influence your communities through AI enabled alerts and campaigns?

“One industry with particular potential for intelligent nudging is healthcare. After three years of focusing on financial services and retail, Cowry is moving into the sector”, Laura Cox

In our last Innovation Think L@b, we have analyzed how companies and organizations needed to adapt their cultures to connect ideas, talents and creativity through technologies.

#2 From efficiency to resilience

Creating competitive advantages could be more sustainable if those support a long term and positive systemic impact on the market : capital that focuses on longer term impact, jobs that have positive impact on society, and resilience as a management field to explore through education. What new business areas could you create by focusing on resilience rather than efficiency?

“What if we focused on longer-term productivity? Instead of designing jobs for low-skill, minimum-wage clock punchers, what if we designed them to be productive and valuable?”, Roger L. Martin

Dimensional diversity can help you understand your longer term assets and investments priorities by creating an internal and market environment around your customer, identifying bespoke and intelligent operations and change.

#3 Developing accuracy

AI experts highlight the accuracy benefit brought by machine learning to forecasting methodologies. How do you use technology to better drive your campaigns and sales ?

Our latest operational plan, “Tell your own story : developing intelligent frameworks for digital initiatives”, helps you define the cultural model and change you need to better use digital tools in your strategy.

#4 Enhance your “human” creativity

The place of machines and human work in organizations inspire scientists and leaders to question the combined value of AI and creativity. How do your teams enhance their own creativity through technologies ?

In our latest “Connecting dots“, we provide an understanding of how focusing on sense rather than performance helps develop the value of knowledge for your brand.

#5 Develop adaptive leadership

Human centricity applied to leadership requires a human connection and relationship that creates a trusted, supportive and respectful environment for individuals to deliver their goals. What new discussion areas could you open to better know you team workers?

“Leaders who find the balance between performance and humanity are even closer to improving employee engagement at their organization, leading the right team to the success.”, Ryann Edmond

Our management report, “Human Centricity and Systemic Innovation”, explains how “Smart Leadership” creates systemic impact for businesses and organizations.

#6 Develop circular models

Circular economy enables small businesses to create smart solutions while reducing their environmental impact. What circular levers could you identify in your own processes?

“On a European scale, more than 345 million euros are saved each year for raw material purchase through circular innovation”, CMA36

In our latest PESTLE comment, we outline the necessity of reframing our approach of “smart agriculture” to better take into account business impact on natural ecosystems.

#7 Seek for more inclusion

Algorithms have a growing impact on users daily lives, influencing buyings and political choices, cultural openness. How well do you explain your customers the impact of algorithms on the way you share information with them?

“Algorithms are linked to great fears of our present: those of an uncontrolled AI development and an ‘algorithm dictatorship'”, Jérôme Hourdeaux

Our operational report, “Tell Your Own Story : How can you build human values for innovation ?”, explains how innovation developments can better take into account local and global cultures, seeking for more inclusion.

The hyperlocal scale:

From local to global. Inclusion and human-centricity have driven a number of our rural marketing agency projects here in French Berry. Our agency is developed following principles outlined on weareinnovation.org. By pro-actively seeking long term success for our customers, we have:

  • Supported a local UNESCO World Heritage campaign around Saint James Ways, enabling future generations to explore natural and cultural heritage through creative formats: an educative handbook for local children with 420 questions and clues on social media, internet websites, shows and exhibitions.
  • Created a local news website and printed guide to favor local consumption and increase local attractiveness, supporting over 100 businesses to gain awareness through our diverse and inclusive formats
  • Joined the General Assembly of Citizen Entrepreneurs and Organizations in Essaouira, Morocco, in June 2018 and contributed to AI, Big Data and IoT introduction paper for the Global Internet Forum taking place in Paris in November 2018, highlighting priorities for inclusion, cybersecurity and ethics.

Systemic and human-centric approaches have enabled us to build a dimensionally diverse ecosystem around our project, applying diversity as a management practice to support an intelligent variety of customers in delivering long term, sustainable and socially positive experiences. Stay tuned to learn more about our new business venture!

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