Connecting talents, ideas and creativity

As we open the third round of Loop#3, it is interesting to note the rise of emotional, user-experience oriented trends and strategies among innovation experts in parallel to the emergence of AI concrete plans across sectors and countries. The upcoming market and customer analyses to be issued on this blog will certainly highlight the impact such trends can have on enterprises visions to success, including their potential use of AI. One of the questions raised by our latest posts is: how do technologies enhance ideas and creativity, connecting and informing talents, if they do at all? 

The cultural shift outlined by recent developments around Blockchain highlight transformational needs on the human level. As AI long term story outlines the need to further understand cultural differences in human interactions, the democratization of IoT reminds the market pressure under which strategic actors need to make innovation decisions. One of the steps our global story encourages to take is to create an intelligent framework for digital initiatives. What next could be done?

Defining a place for technologies

Through our latest loop, we have analyzed the impact of technologies on companies and market cultures. Loop#3 Round#2 outlines how usage and experience remain influenced by sectorial and incumbent models. The development of AI, Blockchain and IoT require cultural adaptations on management, customer-relationship and organizational levels that imply impactful transformations and change. In that context, it seems relevant to understand what could be the role of technologies to connect ideas, talents and creativity to shape better model, organizations and customer experiences. This is one of the question raised on our latest Open Think L@b.


Smart questioning, collaborative answering

As we have done through the latest rounds, I will use the knowledge and models developed on this blog to develop and operational plan detailing how technologies could help connect talents, ideas and creativity to create systematic innovation. You can also access our free plan to define an intelligent scope for digital initiatives, a plan to define human values for innovation, as well as a plan to become the next exponential catalyst. Welcome to this new round!

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