How do you manage your costs of uniformity?

The recent talks driven by experts on the necessity to revive creativity and multiplicity of ideas for a more sensible innovation has nicely outlined an approach that is critical to this blog: understanding the limits of uniformity and seeking to address them for more innovation. Our management report, “Diversity as a success story“, outlines a… Read More How do you manage your costs of uniformity?

10 visual stories for your innovation toolbox

If you have an upcoming review to pitch a perfect story and raise awareness or fundings for your project, visual creativity certainly gets involved, as a proof you are able to pinpoint processes and concepts with impacting yet sensible symbols and codes. Although not everyone needs to be a graphic designer, gaining inspiration from other innovation professionals can… Read More 10 visual stories for your innovation toolbox

“By humans, for humans”

I started working at a time when we did not have “data” to make decisions, we called them “statistics”. And we’d partially build them ourselves (we called them: “internal estimates”). We didn’t have “communities” either, or not as they exist and interact today on social media. We called them “segments” and we had lengthy presentations to understand… Read More “By humans, for humans”

Smart questioning, collaborative answering

As we reach the end of Loop #2 (you can still access Loop#1 here), I have decided to create an interim format, a wrap-up which consolidates stories shared along our latest analysis. Those shorter loops, called “Rounds”, articulate short, mid and longer term stories, as a way to hopefully enable you to vary innovation angles, eventually finding inspiration for… Read More Smart questioning, collaborative answering

Driving our global connectedness

Our global story As a central question to economic growth, business development and scientific breakthrough, the place of humans and technologies inspires innovation makers. What objectives beyond business and commercial values could we define for innovation? You can now read our 2016 innovation story as written through “Connected Dots” most read articles. Experts open discussion You can… Read More Driving our global connectedness

Building innovative virtuous circles from our differences

Beautiful Diversity is a series of management reports issued from our global think l@b. Based on thoughts and analyses shared by innovation experts, it intends to provide managers and professionals with actionable tools to generate innovative products and plans based on their personal and team diversity.  Diversity to revive creativity As a basis to generate new solutions or improve… Read More Building innovative virtuous circles from our differences

We can all be part of a great story

Connecting dots combines the 10 most read stories on  over the last week into a single analysis that highlights our readers innovation priorities. There isn’t a day without a journalist, specialist and other expert explaining how our economies, democracies and societies stand at a turning point in history. Innovation as defined by a variety of professionals describes… Read More We can all be part of a great story

11 leadership skills to innovate in 2017

The Daily Pick highlights innovation stories that matter to you, as most shared and reached publications on WAI social networks.  By nurturing their innovation culture through relevant information sources, innovation experts are in a position to understand core roots of systemic threats as well as find inspiration from a richer variety of individuals. As a core element of building… Read More 11 leadership skills to innovate in 2017

Making sense of social media through diversity

Market roadmaps describe key market component of specific innovation trends combining posts and tweets shared on WAI social networks. From readers to information providers, social media is interlinking global opinions and specific facts into a complex conversation questioning users’ ability to make sense of increasing amounts of data both as citizens and customers. The uniformity of ideas… Read More Making sense of social media through diversity