Interoperability creates boundless creativity

Back when I was still working for my former employer, I used to develop concepts and market requirements for interoperable projects. “Interoperability”, a long word which holds the charm of a lengthy story. It’s meant to bring technologies to connect to each other, ultimately connecting people behind. It’s meant to build new breeds of networks. Relations that could never exist before. A language agnostic world of communications. So if we bring all these people together, where do you think this story ends?


Connecting to one another

Interoperability and creativity
Interoperability and creativity

What happens if we suddenly unleash the power of world connectivity, establishing contacts beyond frontiers and timezones? We enable the world to talk, to listen, to enhance, to reshape the story. We create a giant talent pool, mobile, data-rich, connection-rich, content-rich. Is our story going to be richer?



Bringing more people on our side

Interoperability and customers
Interoperability and customers

With more connection the story gets a little more moving, appealing enough to create a reaction. This is the result of adding perspectives and collaboratively refine them. All it takes is creating the community by leveraging their common denominators. First joiners are the hardest to get. But they also turn out to be the most valuable. That’s because they’ve witnessed us in the warzone, on product launch, on first contact, first presentations, first contract, on first processing. And they still paid the bill. With them we have defined our stickiness to market. The more people we engage, the more people will engage, the greatest your responsibility over them will be. It’s our sense of commitment.



Building new______

Interoperability and change
Interoperability and change

Changing from within, being “the change we want to see”, being an engine of change. Platforms that enable networks and applications to interact and foster innovation with endless perspectives catalyse change. This is how we enable people to go further: bridging seperate worlds and pushing limits.  In these infinites lay the common beliefs we share with customers. It’s our sense of conviction.



“This is a revolution”

Interoperability and growth
Interoperability and growth

The “snowball” effect drives an exponential growth. When properly driven it allows us to “migrate” stars to cashcows and “divest” strategically from legacy to invest in future. Customer engagement creates a new story. The platform becomes the customer voice, flexible, adaptative, open and reliable, partnering with leaders and market makers to enrich technological possibilities. Partners and customers co-create and to get the widest possible impact, the widest new “snowball” to go and transform again.



Freedom as a mindful choice

Interoperability and boundaries
Interoperability and boundaries

We bring benefit to the maximum followers, optimise to create value-added services for niche opportunities. The new business models generated by partnerships and customer focus has opened new ways of understanding and working, those that improve operations while creating common values. We now know what makes us move as a community. The platform is our experience, interlinked with our own seperate worlds but bringing together the assets that generate higher value when combined with external knowledge and expertise. Boundaries and data protection have become intelligent, secure and transparent enough to sustain growth. There are boundaries. The difference is we choose which they are and why they’re here.



Some of us will to spot on new niche opportunities and figure a way to make it a mass market via a shared platform. The Internet for instance keeps enabling this. Successful platforms seek to follow the same logic. By connecting to one another, we collectively decide to change, we collectively drive that change, we collectively create values. We choose to build intelligent boundaries that protect progress and individual assets to focus on shared ideas and co-creativity. So where does the story end? Truth is it never ends. In due time, we will create a new story. All it takes is making sure we’re part of it.


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