From performance to sense

Looking at our most read stories over last week, it seems that messages shared online intend to address smart, global change makers looking to challenge complex, systemic issues through technologies. Technologies themselves have grown complex, and systemic. But global change makers seem to commonly understand the key to make sense of this complexity: focusing on human sense based on human… Read More From performance to sense

Artificial Intelligence: what is the long term story?

Artificial Intelligence as an innovation trend nourishes an on-going discussion followed by many experts on social networks. One could consider AI talks remain a forward-looking, scientific research field gradually affecting algorithms, business information and analytics. Yet recent political and economic debates remind the concrete impact AI, and beyond it digital economies, already drives in tech innovation reality. As an intent to… Read More Artificial Intelligence: what is the long term story?

How connected creativity can address global threats

Connecting dots combines the 10 most read stories on  over the last week into a single analysis that highlights our readers innovation priorities. Through a variety of creative examples to solve global issues, diverse personalities and experts combine ideas from different sectors to help their wider knowledge community catalyze change on a systemic basis. Although they… Read More How connected creativity can address global threats

10 systemic innovation trends fueled by startups

The Daily Pick highlights innovation stories that matter to you, as most shared and reached publications on WAI social networks.  As a growing number of startups have now had time to achieve a journey towards business success and failure, they are able to spread best practices on a systemic basis through clusters, hubs and connections with other company type,… Read More 10 systemic innovation trends fueled by startups

Connecting dots: driving change through social intelligence

Connecting dots combines the ten most read articles on over the last week. It therefore articulates experts visions with readers interests into a single story. The invasion of social messages through social media generates a global call for change that is catalyzed enough to impact our political and economics spheres. In parallel, more research and… Read More Connecting dots: driving change through social intelligence

Innovation as an open dialogue

“Connecting dots” is a weekly consolidation of top ten articles read on, combining experts’ thoughts with readers interests. Although innovation impacts a vast diversity of topics and projects, building an intelligent conversation between experts and initiatives enables to closely listen to how change takes place across sectors and organizations. Such an exchange of ideas… Read More Innovation as an open dialogue

How social knowledge shapes new models

As societies, economies and policies struggle to define models and strategies that efficiently answer challenges faced on a global basis, social innovation led in limited yet impactful initiatives showcase the talents and skills needed to drive intelligent change. By outlining the shortcomings and opportunities identified in our current business, economic and social models, experts call… Read More How social knowledge shapes new models

The connected creativity

Below analysis summarizes this week’s most read articles under a single strategic story that defines our view of innovation. Innovation experts and analysts around the world shape innovation through organizations, universities, projects, ideas and communities. Under a collaborative effort to better drive change, innovation communities shape the story of our aspiration to build a sustainable future. Innovation connects experiences Throughout our technological… Read More The connected creativity

You are Invited: Global Innovation Meeting – We Are Innovation is a global think lab on innovation. What does it mean ? Join our Global Innovation Meeting to know more. Anytime, Anyone, Anywhere. We are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Slideshare. Have you missed the first part of the meeting? Don’t worry. I have made some notes. Why we are innovation: there is… Read More You are Invited: Global Innovation Meeting – We Are Innovation