Our Global Story

We are the change we want to see

Innovation experts, leaders and practitioners are writing a daily story of change. weareinnovation.org curates and consolidates this story into weekly posts to provide change agents with up-to-date thoughts and ideas to drive transformation projects.

Making sense of innovation
Management view Operational view Combining skills for change
Inspiring intelligent change
Curating information Sharing knowledge Catalyzing change
Our thinking factory Our knowledge library Diversity as an innovation practice

Below is our current global innovation story as it is being shaped:

Setting a vision

Scoping 2.005

Driving social change

Scoping 2.014


Innovating within eco-systems

Scoping 2.025

Defining collaborative change

Scoping 2.009

Focusing on common priorities

Scoping 2.019

Driving intelligent change through diversity

Scoping 2.029

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