7 traits of smart change makers

Current pressuring political, economic and social trends usually spread tensions and fear across media, including social media, creating further individual anxiety. From an innovation viewpoint, this in fact seems to generate further appetite for innovation, as identified through the selection of most liked and shared ideas on WAI social networks. What makes smart change makers believe so fiercely in constructive, positive and collaborative change?

In most cases, the idea of transforming threats in opportunities opens a tremendous channel to claim and defend rights that call on change makers inner sense of justice. Those socially inspired innovators build the tools and teams that deliver the “David against Goliath” surprise they need to succeed collaboratively. By gradually mastering the rules of change, smart innovation craftsmen and women get the work done without losing sight of their core values.

#1 They stand by their values

“A record number of students are getting involved. We have seen strong growth in the undergraduate and graduate student interest in gender lens investing.”

Read more:Advancing the Field: Gender Lens Investing News on International Women’s Day“, Social Impact Wharton

The multiplicity of ideas needed to revive innovation is dependent on the knowledge exchange framework created within organization, its level of transparency and freedom of speech. Our Beautiful Diversity initiative provides management tools and ideas to develop such a creative framework for your daily work and your teams.

#2 They speak up

““This is a generation of students that believes in the capacity to do well financially when you do good for society. We’re dealing with a new demographic necessity” to remain engaged on global issues, Dean Chrite says.”

Read more:Business Schools Face Surge in Activism“, Kelsey Gee, The Wall Street Journal

Across universities and business schools, a engaging call for change is leading teachers to adapt skills and knowledge for students growingly aware of the complex environment around their future. Read more on how universities and schools are teaching the world to change.

#3 They call on other change makers

“Modern selling best practice means that in addition to the decision maker, influencer, internal sales person, we need to find a change maker.”

Read more:Why Today You Need a Customer Changemaker to Close Sales“, Timothy Hughes, LinkedIn

Experts and analysts keep outlining skills and attitudes to develop in order to deliver change in slowly adapting organizations. Among those skills, diversity, creativity and human centricity enable change makers to smartly combine ideas and achieve complex objectives.

#4 They get the work done

“So for all of that history what we’ve done is organize the code, organize the flow of code, [and] organize our maintainership so the pain point – which is people disagreeing about a piece of code – basically goes away.”

Read more:Talk of tech innovation is bullsh*t. Shut up and get the work done – says Linus Torvalds“, Thomas Claburn, The Register

You can get some more perspiration by understanding how to make sense of your processes thanks to our recently released operational plan to build human value for innovation.

#5 They are keen to surprise

“Psychologically, surprise appeals to us. The human brain is wired in such a way that it turns its attention to things that are new or changing. That’s why you incessantly check your email. Your brain likes the dopamine drip that takes place every time you check for and receive a new message.”

Read more:Using the Psychology of Surprise to increase your conversion rate“, Jeremy Smith, Jeremy Said


Creating a surprise effect, as indicated in Jeremy’s blogpost, infers the ability to read and understand your uniformity sources to bring up something new and unusual. We have created a tool to assess such costs of uniformity so you can reverse engineer them towards diversity, and surprise.


#6″David against Goliath” is their favorite surprise

“A startup can quickly try new things and not be intimidated by the past experiences and are not slowed by previous useless efforts, which as you know, might become a real bottleneck on the way to innovations.”

Read more:How a Tech Startup can become More Successful than a Big Corporation“,  Perfectial, Medium


Startups indeed drive inspirational examples of driving breakthroughs in terms of technology, business models and social impact. We have recently analyzed how they drove systemic innovation.


#7 They master change

“These are some of the things we ask organisations we work with about the changes they are undertaking.”

Read more: “The Change Wheel“, The Change Farm

Our latest management report, “Human Centricity and Systemic Innovation“, explains how you can also use horizontal, vertical, systemic and technical diversity to understand the dynamic of change.

Join the party! Follow one of our thinking factories and tell me what makes you a smart change maker.

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