Can you “sensespeak” innovation?

Innovation often comes down to language. Development languages, “buzzwords”, keywords seem to be dictating innovation cultures instead of products, concepts and ideas. New codes arise in an ever changing technological environment, challenging organizations’ ability to articulate visions and operations, cooperations, into timely and customer centric innovation projects. Entrepreneurs and change makers across sectors pave ways… Read More Can you “sensespeak” innovation?

Daily Pick: 7 ideas to enhance intelligent productivity

Welcome back! Over the past few months, I have been busy developing our marketing and design-thinking agency for rural territories. Our business developments and achievements have brought valuable insights into innovation, culture and technologies. They will be useful to complement the writing of our global innovation story, starting with this fresh innovation tips and Daily… Read More Daily Pick: 7 ideas to enhance intelligent productivity

13 learning habits to keep up with a fast changing innovation ecosystem

  Life long learning has become a pre-requisite for change makers looking to harness the power of digital and connected innovation. The recent most popular social posts shared on WAI networks confirms the need of a knowledge savvy community to intelligently develop goals, strategies, platforms and actions to adapt a fast changing ecosystem. What are… Read More 13 learning habits to keep up with a fast changing innovation ecosystem

7 traits of smart change makers

Current pressuring political, economic and social trends usually spread tensions and fear across media, including social media, creating further individual anxiety. From an innovation viewpoint, this in fact seems to generate further appetite for innovation, as identified through the selection of most liked and shared ideas on WAI social networks. What makes smart change makers believe so fiercely… Read More 7 traits of smart change makers

Because we dare

Over the past few weeks, experts and leaders have wanted their readers to be inspired by women entrepreneurs and change makers, jointly celebrating the International Women’s Day. Through this transverse portrait of women disrupters, innovation discussions reminded a number of crucial human leadership skills that are able to inspire a common sense of purpose among diverse teams and engaging projects.… Read More Because we dare

“By humans, for humans”

I started working at a time when we did not have “data” to make decisions, we called them “statistics”. And we’d partially build them ourselves (we called them: “internal estimates”). We didn’t have “communities” either, or not as they exist and interact today on social media. We called them “segments” and we had lengthy presentations to understand… Read More “By humans, for humans”

The Rise of Connected Thinking

Our global story Disruption, digital and diversity are recurring themes developed through innovation stories. Throughout the year, experts have shown a growing interest in connecting creativity and data analysis to define collaborative plans for change. You can now read the innovation story we have written through Daily Picks in below video. Experts open discussion You can… Read More The Rise of Connected Thinking

Humans in the digital workplace: assessing our readiness to disruption

While individual skills and cultures keep adapting to the increasing deployment of digital strategies in businesses, indicators show the need to also maximize non-digital assets of projects and teams, such as sense and leadership. Both technical and strategic recommendations favor agility and diversity at all levels of hierarchy to ensure the right skills and tools match… Read More Humans in the digital workplace: assessing our readiness to disruption