Catalyzing the exponential “us”

As we end the first round of our Loop#3, I am happy to share with you the outcome of my latest knowledge investigation seeking to explain how you can become the next exponential catalyst. This compilation of ideas developed by cross-breeding heterogeneous inspirations for systemic change builds a set of human values, a thinking framework and an action plan for exponential change makers. This operational plan also re-uses the human values built for innovation as defined in “Tell Your Own Story: How can you build human values for innovation?“. Finally, it ends on an inspiring recommendation, which I have synthesized from all previously mentioned knowledge and my professional experience: exponential is about “us”, not about “you” and “I”.


Working through systemic partnerships not only allows to share material and resource for specific customers, but it also cross-pollinates product, technical and logistics information that helps the community to understand specific market requirements and business. The value of such partnership is not only to develop a flexible approach to market, it also enables businesses to intelligently learn from and with suppliers, eventually building the most beneficial option for customers, partners and financial stakeholders. Partnerships across culture writes success stories that go beyond the making of a material pool for increased sales and cost efficiency. It also brings the best of personal stories into a common approach to success, opening learning and development potentials at every level of the value chain.

Picturing systemic change

The writing of our global story starts with an overview of innovation as seen from a politics, economics, social, legal and environmental view. Through our three last loops, we have built an on-going picture of a system building change. Our politics and economics story highlights trends towards turning tables. Our society and technology story explains how we are building horizontal models thanks to data rich information. Finally, our recently released legal and environment story outlines the initiatives undertaken to adapt regulatory frameworks to the digital disruption while questioning the need to digitalize nature. You can read the end-to-end story of “The Big Picture” in below video:

How can you become the next exponential catalyst?

Following our Loop#2, Round#6 discussion, we have come up with a new question to understand how to use technologies to reach a systemic, « exponential everything » impact. The expression is derived from the idea highlighted by experts that the IoT was driving knowledge and information sharing in an exponential way. I have therefore taken on board the investigation of our current analyses and strategic recommendations to determine how the rise of digital data could enable smart change makers to optimize innovation and drive sustainable, « exponential » business models. 

Loop#2 Round#6 solution.001

You can also access a preview version here.

The world is not exponential. “We” are.

This operational plan is meant to inspire the exponential change maker in you by outlining the key human values needed to develop systemic innovation, such as creating customer democracies as well as global learning communities. It also reverse engineers uniformity values towards diversity to define a thinking framework and action plan, with ideas such as defining and leading change from scratch through engaging missions, for exponential catalysts to drive intelligent change. The idea is to identify empty spaces between knowledge communities and create, or embody, the link in between using systemic innovation. As further detailed in the operational plan, this is partly how to catalyze the exponential “us”.

Loop#2 Round#6 solution.037

Smart change makers around the globe continuously share inspiration and results to build intelligent and human innovation. By applying diversity as a management practice to this on-going story, this operational plan can help you join the global efforts towards constructive and intelligent cooperation and agility. Make sure you download your own copy of “Tell Your Own Story: How can you become the next exponential catalyst?”.


We are already closing our Round#1 and will soon embark on Round#2 of this new journey into our global innovation story, as we write it. An Open L@b session will soon be scheduled to go through key results of this on-going investigation. Follow this blog via e-mail to get all latest information in your mailbox.

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