An intelligent scope for the digital economy

Welcome to this second round of our Loop#3. At this stage, conversations will shift towards more technical and technological aspects of innovation, covering our Innovation Index, as well as InnoGraph and InnoMetric, so you get a full understanding of latest developments of trends such as Block Chain and Artificial Intelligence, as shared on our networks. Our first round concluded on an open question inspired by most recent leadership and systemic discussions: what would be an intelligent scope for the digital economy? As mentioned in our first Open Think L@b session, I will issue an operational plan to define such scope at the end of this round.

The cross-sector aspect of the digital transformation, generating a horizontal approach to market and organizations, increasingly outlines the vertical silos which require agility and adaptability to unleash their end-to-end digital potential. A matrix oriented analysis of change, such as the use of diversity based management reading tools, helps understand the current limits and priorities for change to define an intelligent place for human and digital innovation. By varying reading scopes between human, social, legal and environmental lenses, our most recent discussions on innovation have outlined a need to set intelligent boundaries to the digital economy, redefining the sense of data based intelligence and its human requirements, as well as the role technology should play towards the environment.

Humans behind the screen

Our latest round of innovation discussions has covered an appealing call for fearlessness by women leaders, 7 traits needed to be a smart change maker, a question on what makes cities, citizens and social ecosystems intelligent, as well as a global intent to empower the thus defined intelligent crowd. In addition, we reviewed the on-going legal framework adaptation around innovation, how the environment drew boundaries to the digital disruption, and analyzed how diversity could help understand the dynamics of change. As promised, I have initiated a two-way conversation to close this round. You can find key highlights of our Loop#3 Round#1 discussion in the Open Think L@b session below.


If you want to share some of these highlights within your own story, you can also access and download a presentation of this discussion on Slideshare. This will allow you to read key highlights of our latest discussion, leading to the conclusive question of determining an intelligent scope for the digital economy.

Smart questioning, collaborative answering

An experimental attempt to answer above open question will be driven across this new series of posts and articles to be issued in the coming weeks. This will result in the publication of an operational guide to tell your own story of defining an intelligent scope for your digital strategy. We have also recently issued a an operational plan to become the next exponential catalyst, following on the release of “Tell Your Own Story: How can you build human values for innovation ?“. This now upcoming plan to shape intelligent objectives for the digital economy is an interesting follow-up discussion to drive, I am looking forward to start investigating how our current global story will inspire such plan.

Scoping 2.005

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