Can you “sensespeak” innovation?

Innovation often comes down to language. Development languages, “buzzwords”, keywords seem to be dictating innovation cultures instead of products, concepts and ideas. New codes arise in an ever changing technological environment, challenging organizations’ ability to articulate visions and operations, cooperations, into timely and customer centric innovation projects. Entrepreneurs and change makers across sectors pave ways… Read More Can you “sensespeak” innovation?

How can you build an intelligent framework for digital initiatives?

It is now time to answer strategic questions readers and followers have defined through our common global story. While concluding Round#1 of this third loop, we have discussed the limits of digitalization, with regards to social, legal and environmental sectors. Questions of timing, relevance and cultures are highly debated among experts and business leaders. It appears critical to… Read More How can you build an intelligent framework for digital initiatives?

Developing operational excellence through dimensional diversity

Information flows tend to follow specific human routes and codes within companies, making it difficult to build contexts and definitions that would be common enough for a variety of professionals to communicate on highly strategic and engaging topics. Within SMEs as well as within global firms, or even associations, deciphering those codes is critical to… Read More Developing operational excellence through dimensional diversity

From performance to sense

Looking at our most read stories over last week, it seems that messages shared online intend to address smart, global change makers looking to challenge complex, systemic issues through technologies. Technologies themselves have grown complex, and systemic. But global change makers seem to commonly understand the key to make sense of this complexity: focusing on human sense based on human… Read More From performance to sense

13 learning habits to keep up with a fast changing innovation ecosystem

  Life long learning has become a pre-requisite for change makers looking to harness the power of digital and connected innovation. The recent most popular social posts shared on WAI networks confirms the need of a knowledge savvy community to intelligently develop goals, strategies, platforms and actions to adapt a fast changing ecosystem. What are… Read More 13 learning habits to keep up with a fast changing innovation ecosystem

Block chain: crystallizing the revolution ahead

Among strategic angles developed by this blog, the Innovation Index consolidates a wide variety of technical and marketing views around a specific innovation trends. Following the assessment of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and the Internet of Things, we are now analyzing the innovation impact of blockchain. The three-dimensional approach of this tool enables to observe differing approaches… Read More Block chain: crystallizing the revolution ahead

Catalyzing the exponential “us”

As we end the first round of our Loop#3, I am happy to share with you the outcome of my latest knowledge investigation seeking to explain how you can become the next exponential catalyst. This compilation of ideas developed by cross-breeding heterogeneous inspirations for systemic change builds a set of human values, a thinking framework and an action plan for… Read More Catalyzing the exponential “us”

Understanding the dynamics of change through diversity

Reluctance to change appears in a number of interactions I can find online and offline. There is a digital disruption going on, and this is happening whether we agree or not. Investments, jobs, physical and virtual assets deployed around the globe can only confirm this trend. One of the missions of this blog is to help… Read More Understanding the dynamics of change through diversity

Because we dare

Over the past few weeks, experts and leaders have wanted their readers to be inspired by women entrepreneurs and change makers, jointly celebrating the International Women’s Day. Through this transverse portrait of women disrupters, innovation discussions reminded a number of crucial human leadership skills that are able to inspire a common sense of purpose among diverse teams and engaging projects.… Read More Because we dare