How can you build an intelligent framework for digital initiatives?

It is now time to answer strategic questions readers and followers have defined through our common global story. While concluding Round#1 of this third loop, we have discussed the limits of digitalization, with regards to social, legal and environmental sectors. Questions of timing, relevance and cultures are highly debated among experts and business leaders. It appears critical to… Read More How can you build an intelligent framework for digital initiatives?

Catalyzing the exponential “us”

As we end the first round of our Loop#3, I am happy to share with you the outcome of my latest knowledge investigation seeking to explain how you can become the next exponential catalyst. This compilation of ideas developed by cross-breeding heterogeneous inspirations for systemic change builds a set of human values, a thinking framework and an action plan for… Read More Catalyzing the exponential “us”

7 traits of smart change makers

Current pressuring political, economic and social trends usually spread tensions and fear across media, including social media, creating further individual anxiety. From an innovation viewpoint, this in fact seems to generate further appetite for innovation, as identified through the selection of most liked and shared ideas on WAI social networks. What makes smart change makers believe so fiercely… Read More 7 traits of smart change makers

Smart questioning, collaborative answering

As we reach the end of Loop #2 (you can still access Loop#1 here), I have decided to create an interim format, a wrap-up which consolidates stories shared along our latest analysis. Those shorter loops, called “Rounds”, articulate short, mid and longer term stories, as a way to hopefully enable you to vary innovation angles, eventually finding inspiration for… Read More Smart questioning, collaborative answering

The Rise of Connected Thinking

Our global story Disruption, digital and diversity are recurring themes developed through innovation stories. Throughout the year, experts have shown a growing interest in connecting creativity and data analysis to define collaborative plans for change. You can now read the innovation story we have written through Daily Picks in below video. Experts open discussion You can… Read More The Rise of Connected Thinking

10 systemic innovation trends fueled by startups

The Daily Pick highlights innovation stories that matter to you, as most shared and reached publications on WAI social networks.  As a growing number of startups have now had time to achieve a journey towards business success and failure, they are able to spread best practices on a systemic basis through clusters, hubs and connections with other company type,… Read More 10 systemic innovation trends fueled by startups

Humans in the digital workplace: assessing our readiness to disruption

While individual skills and cultures keep adapting to the increasing deployment of digital strategies in businesses, indicators show the need to also maximize non-digital assets of projects and teams, such as sense and leadership. Both technical and strategic recommendations favor agility and diversity at all levels of hierarchy to ensure the right skills and tools match… Read More Humans in the digital workplace: assessing our readiness to disruption

Managing the “Breakthrough Decade” through innovation

Connecting dots combines the 10 most read stories on  over the last week into a single analysis that highlights our readers innovation priorities. Sharing and jointly developing business ideas has become mainstream in growingly communicative world. At the same time, innovation experts foresee drastic organizational and technological changes that demand a high preparedness for an… Read More Managing the “Breakthrough Decade” through innovation

On the go: Who is innovation?

Who we are curates and connects innovation trends and analysis as shared by experts and practitioners on social and professional networks. By consistently analyzing and storytelling innovation through strategic formats, we intend to catalyze change in the real world by delivering management publications for innovation professionals. This on-going strategic plan is a two way… Read More On the go: Who is innovation?