Smart questioning, collaborative answering

As we reach the end of Loop #2 (you can still access Loop#1 here), I have decided to create an interim format, a wrap-up which consolidates stories shared along our latest analysis. Those shorter loops, called “Rounds”, articulate short, mid and longer term stories, as a way to hopefully enable you to vary innovation angles, eventually finding inspiration for… Read More Smart questioning, collaborative answering

The Rise of Connected Thinking

Our global story Disruption, digital and diversity are recurring themes developed through innovation stories. Throughout the year, experts have shown a growing interest in connecting creativity and data analysis to define collaborative plans for change. You can now read the innovation story we have written through Daily Picks in below video. Experts open discussion You can… Read More The Rise of Connected Thinking

How connected creativity can address global threats

Connecting dots combines the 10 most read stories on  over the last week into a single analysis that highlights our readers innovation priorities. Through a variety of creative examples to solve global issues, diverse personalities and experts combine ideas from different sectors to help their wider knowledge community catalyze change on a systemic basis. Although they… Read More How connected creativity can address global threats

On the go: Who is innovation?

Who we are curates and connects innovation trends and analysis as shared by experts and practitioners on social and professional networks. By consistently analyzing and storytelling innovation through strategic formats, we intend to catalyze change in the real world by delivering management publications for innovation professionals. This on-going strategic plan is a two way… Read More On the go: Who is innovation?

The Loop: our story towards intelligent innovation

We Are Innovation curates and connects innovation articles so as to write our global innovation story. From thought leadership to customer requirements, we draw a strategic line between trends and events for leaders and practitioners to understand critical needs for change. The Loop is the end to end story combining latest articles inspired from WAI Facebook, Twitter… Read More The Loop: our story towards intelligent innovation

Connecting Dots: Human and technology influence on innovation

Connecting Dots is a strategic story combining 10 most read articles on over last week. As digital trends gain a wider space in the economic, political and social area, the place of people, both as civilians and human beings, necessitates to be reassessed by future technology developments. While new learning tools need to be… Read More Connecting Dots: Human and technology influence on innovation

The learning path to innovation

“Connecting dots” is a weekly story based on 10 most read articles from Innovation requires learning. By constructing connected global knowledge communities, innovation experts and analysts encourage individuals and organizations to engage with a wider variety of thoughts and ideas to define intelligent change. Those global communities need to include the best of our entrepreneurship talents… Read More The learning path to innovation

A complex vision of tomorrow

From art to technology, our visions of tomorrow are filled with emotions and questions that highlight our curious relationship with uncertainty. Rising both the tools to better thrive in a challenging environment and the needs expressed by communities of innovators, experts and analysts outline flexible approaches to apprehend technology developments. Opening systemic debates, rather than simple… Read More A complex vision of tomorrow