From global uncertainty to personal reality

Connecting dots combines this week ten most read articles into a single story. As political, economic and social experts further emphasize the emergency of defining new solutions and models combining pragmatic expertise and a wider variety of knowledges, the global threats and constraints rising from technology and environment require to develop intelligent frameworks to drive innovation with more… Read More From global uncertainty to personal reality

InnoTrends: Augmented Innovation

InnoTrends looks into the semantic and key themes developed by innovators from WAI social networks. It provides a view of the wording used to comment and analyze key developments occurring in the innovation world today. WAI has investigated a market driven dimension, socially driven dimension and technology driven dimension. Innovators are developing change at increasingly larger scales,… Read More InnoTrends: Augmented Innovation

Social Innovation: delivering concrete change

Social innovation has become an increasingly driving trend among innovation experts, professionals and specialists. As companies increase their efforts to bring “people”, whether these are customers, employees, leaders, board members, at the heart of their values, developing innovative projects to lead to a better society is drawing nearer. Social innovation trends as shared on WAI… Read More Social Innovation: delivering concrete change

Innovate 2015: Innovation seen by Experts, Analysts and Medias

InnoTrends is a market trend analysis broken down by segments to interpret needs and requirements by paying attention to semantic and sentiment beyond numbers and facts. This series on “Innovate 2015” gathers the definition of innovation for this year as shared on WAI social networks by business schools, society, politics, business experts, science and technology experts. This new… Read More Innovate 2015: Innovation seen by Experts, Analysts and Medias