Because we dare

Over the past few weeks, experts and leaders have wanted their readers to be inspired by women entrepreneurs and change makers, jointly celebrating the International Women’s Day. Through this transverse portrait of women disrupters, innovation discussions reminded a number of crucial human leadership skills that are able to inspire a common sense of purpose among diverse teams and engaging projects.… Read More Because we dare

Social Innovation: beyond better

Inside and outside their walls, cities, towns and communities witness a rise of socially driven initiatives going beyond business priorities, placing local people concerns at the heart of their missions. With disruptive creativity tools they share with their startup peers, those public-private partnerships are able to build their own dynamics and rules to generate a local creative ecosystem.… Read More Social Innovation: beyond better

We are innovation because we are global citizens

From economic indicators to global visions of citizenship, the world seen through the lenses of a shared need for change enlightens concepts and initiatives that are taking innovation debates a little further, one question at a time. Even though knowledge barriers remain in our approach to economic analysis and information sharing, including regulation, a greater… Read More We are innovation because we are global citizens

Innotrends: Rethinking financial ecosystems for innovation

Innotrends highlights innovation trends as explained by innovation analysts covering common expert insights. This article provides a view of financial analysts and investors concerns for innovation. As economic conditions keep predicting unstable environments for the launch of new businesses, products and services, financial analysts and economics experts describe how micro and macro changes are forcing innovation… Read More Innotrends: Rethinking financial ecosystems for innovation

Daily Pick: 12 adaptive behaviors for change

Daily Pick outlines most popular posts and tweets on innovation from WAI social networks. By developing the appropriate customer focused thinking processes, innovation can help anticipate drastic  and unforeseeable changes by opening access to knowledge and learning lessons from past. Driven by emotions and care, new strategies allow innovation experts to develop adaptive design as… Read More Daily Pick: 12 adaptive behaviors for change

Daily Pick: 14 trends driving smarter innovation

The development of new ideas necessitates the appropriate inclusion of external resources that meets internally identified strengths and weaknesses within companies’ ability to deliver value. As a way to better identify and drive innovation, organizations need to revive their talent pools while properly adapt their approach to disruption and transformation. Whether leaders or challengers, mitigating risks… Read More Daily Pick: 14 trends driving smarter innovation

How social knowledge shapes new models

As societies, economies and policies struggle to define models and strategies that efficiently answer challenges faced on a global basis, social innovation led in limited yet impactful initiatives showcase the talents and skills needed to drive intelligent change. By outlining the shortcomings and opportunities identified in our current business, economic and social models, experts call… Read More How social knowledge shapes new models