Social Innovation: beyond better

Inside and outside their walls, cities, towns and communities witness a rise of socially driven initiatives going beyond business priorities, placing local people concerns at the heart of their missions. With disruptive creativity tools they share with their startup peers, those public-private partnerships are able to build their own dynamics and rules to generate a local creative ecosystem.… Read More Social Innovation: beyond better

InnoMetrics: The environment under state of emergency

InnoMetrics brings together key figures and trends shared by innovation experts on WAI social networks.  As they question the “green promises” of new business models, experts and analysts list the more or less successful initiatives that show a tangible willingness to drive environmental friendly policies and strategies. By doing so, they also remind the lack… Read More InnoMetrics: The environment under state of emergency

Daily Pick: 12 adaptive behaviors for change

Daily Pick outlines most popular posts and tweets on innovation from WAI social networks. By developing the appropriate customer focused thinking processes, innovation can help anticipate drastic  and unforeseeable changes by opening access to knowledge and learning lessons from past. Driven by emotions and care, new strategies allow innovation experts to develop adaptive design as… Read More Daily Pick: 12 adaptive behaviors for change

InnoGraph: Communities, Cultures and Companies

Company cultures are described by innovation experts and analysts as evolving towards professional and social communities where individuals need to understand what their role and value are to maximise their impact while optimizing their personal development. As a result, innovation in future company cultures will be led by communities able to develop the human values and… Read More InnoGraph: Communities, Cultures and Companies

Daily Pick: 14 trends driving smarter innovation

The development of new ideas necessitates the appropriate inclusion of external resources that meets internally identified strengths and weaknesses within companies’ ability to deliver value. As a way to better identify and drive innovation, organizations need to revive their talent pools while properly adapt their approach to disruption and transformation. Whether leaders or challengers, mitigating risks… Read More Daily Pick: 14 trends driving smarter innovation

How social knowledge shapes new models

As societies, economies and policies struggle to define models and strategies that efficiently answer challenges faced on a global basis, social innovation led in limited yet impactful initiatives showcase the talents and skills needed to drive intelligent change. By outlining the shortcomings and opportunities identified in our current business, economic and social models, experts call… Read More How social knowledge shapes new models

Daily Pick: 3 ways to catalyze change through networks and communities

By creating communities and developing collaborative approach to change, innovators outline critical attitudes to innovate towards a better world. They encourage to trigger emotional strengths, team emulation and continuous learning. Innovation communities and organizations develop programmes which develops their value in their ecosystem while encouraging individual engagement. Three mains drivers to generate collaborative change are highlighted in our… Read More Daily Pick: 3 ways to catalyze change through networks and communities

We Are Innovation because we share

Innovation comes from the interaction of two concepts: an idea and a need. It is, in essence, born from sharing. This on-going discussion enables those iterations that take concepts to tangible projects, and generates the appropriate framework for ideas to develop further, without being closed on narrow points of views that eventually mislead innovation. Customer inclusion has… Read More We Are Innovation because we share