Market Roadmap: New Strategy, New Marketing

Market Roadmaps build a market story for selected innovation trends. Today we look at the latest marketing and strategy tools that have emerged from the connected businesses and markets. We in particular learn how digital tools enable a higher definition of existing markets, newly defined stories and conversations with customers. If you’d like to share… Read More Market Roadmap: New Strategy, New Marketing

Hadoop: finding the right balance

The Innovation Index analyses the market attractiveness, business model maturity and infrastructure and support impact of a given sector or technology. This is the second part of the new Innovation Index for Hadoop. It aims at analyzing Hadoop business model maturity. The first part of the analysis, covering market attractiveness, is available here. A last article will… Read More Hadoop: finding the right balance

Of Legacy and Change in the New Banking Ecosystem

As many other markets, banking and retail banking in particular is being challenged by disruptive newcomers developing competing services on mobile, for instance, or via the Internet in general. As many other markets, the trends in opinions and visions tend to be two-folded. The first is the voice of the legacy, who claims the customer… Read More Of Legacy and Change in the New Banking Ecosystem