Content marketing: keeping it substantial and intentional

InnoGraph analyses specific innovation trends through info graphics based on stories that were shared by experts on WAI Social Networks. In a volume and revenue driven environment, clarifying sense and identifying biases behind the use of communication tools seems critical to solve identified issues. How do innovation experts create substantial content that is consistent enough across technologies to inspire… Read More Content marketing: keeping it substantial and intentional

InnoGraph: Communities, Cultures and Companies

Company cultures are described by innovation experts and analysts as evolving towards professional and social communities where individuals need to understand what their role and value are to maximise their impact while optimizing their personal development. As a result, innovation in future company cultures will be led by communities able to develop the human values and… Read More InnoGraph: Communities, Cultures and Companies

Business experts seeking intelligent innovation

Outlining the critical social, technological and economic changes affecting innovation ecosystem, business experts and professional communities bring up necessary mindsets and tools for organizations to build the technical and human skills they need to generate more value. Because business complexity is increasing with the multiplicity of challenges and solutions fostered by hyper-connected customers, business experts… Read More Business experts seeking intelligent innovation

We Are Innovation because we are entrepreneurs

Innovation and entrepreneurship are closely linked by human behaviors and professional skills needed to launch and drive a business. Through a variety of specialists and entrepreneurs view, it is striking to see how entrepreneurship is needed not only to build new business models and recreate an entire economic system focused on individuals, whether inside our… Read More We Are Innovation because we are entrepreneurs