Artificial Intelligence: what is the long term story?

Artificial Intelligence as an innovation trend nourishes an on-going discussion followed by many experts on social networks. One could consider AI talks remain a forward-looking, scientific research field gradually affecting algorithms, business information and analytics. Yet recent political and economic debates remind the concrete impact AI, and beyond it digital economies, already drives in tech innovation reality. As an intent to… Read More Artificial Intelligence: what is the long term story?

What is your diversity profile?

Beautiful Diversity is a series of management reports issued from our global think l@b. Based on thoughts and analyses shared by innovation experts, it intends to provide managers and professionals with actionable tools to generate innovative products and plans based on their personal and team diversity.  Diversity as a practice to manage uncertainty Economic and business disruptions are… Read More What is your diversity profile?

Humans in the digital workplace: assessing our readiness to disruption

While individual skills and cultures keep adapting to the increasing deployment of digital strategies in businesses, indicators show the need to also maximize non-digital assets of projects and teams, such as sense and leadership. Both technical and strategic recommendations favor agility and diversity at all levels of hierarchy to ensure the right skills and tools match… Read More Humans in the digital workplace: assessing our readiness to disruption

Business experts seeking intelligent innovation

Outlining the critical social, technological and economic changes affecting innovation ecosystem, business experts and professional communities bring up necessary mindsets and tools for organizations to build the technical and human skills they need to generate more value. Because business complexity is increasing with the multiplicity of challenges and solutions fostered by hyper-connected customers, business experts… Read More Business experts seeking intelligent innovation

Market Roadmap: New Strategy, New Marketing

Market Roadmaps build a market story for selected innovation trends. Today we look at the latest marketing and strategy tools that have emerged from the connected businesses and markets. We in particular learn how digital tools enable a higher definition of existing markets, newly defined stories and conversations with customers. If you’d like to share… Read More Market Roadmap: New Strategy, New Marketing

We Are Innovation because we are Agile

Whether it comes from technological change, disruptive business models or growing market constraints linked to higher demands from customers, organisations and strategies have to change. Partnerships? Social business? Digitalization? Diversification? Or maybe all of it? The only certainty companies have left is legacy will not survive to the new era, whichever it is, that era… Read More We Are Innovation because we are Agile