Because we dare

Over the past few weeks, experts and leaders have wanted their readers to be inspired by women entrepreneurs and change makers, jointly celebrating the International Women’s Day. Through this transverse portrait of women disrupters, innovation discussions reminded a number of crucial human leadership skills that are able to inspire a common sense of purpose among diverse teams and engaging projects.… Read More Because we dare

“By humans, for humans”

I started working at a time when we did not have “data” to make decisions, we called them “statistics”. And we’d partially build them ourselves (we called them: “internal estimates”). We didn’t have “communities” either, or not as they exist and interact today on social media. We called them “segments” and we had lengthy presentations to understand… Read More “By humans, for humans”

10 systemic innovation trends fueled by startups

The Daily Pick highlights innovation stories that matter to you, as most shared and reached publications on WAI social networks.  As a growing number of startups have now had time to achieve a journey towards business success and failure, they are able to spread best practices on a systemic basis through clusters, hubs and connections with other company type,… Read More 10 systemic innovation trends fueled by startups

We are innovation because we are global citizens

From economic indicators to global visions of citizenship, the world seen through the lenses of a shared need for change enlightens concepts and initiatives that are taking innovation debates a little further, one question at a time. Even though knowledge barriers remain in our approach to economic analysis and information sharing, including regulation, a greater… Read More We are innovation because we are global citizens

Daily Pick: 10 ways the world is changing

While past values are continuously challenged to define better solutions, at times through difficult compromises, social links enable individuals to gain further credit in organizations. With global warming as a ringing alert for all, the world is slowly  shifting towards flexible, interconnected and community based knowledge sharing to create intelligent solutions, including the development of machines and… Read More Daily Pick: 10 ways the world is changing

Empowering new generations

Hackathon, serious games, agility and pragmatic knowledge, society explores all possible ways to better engage with younger generation. This first part of Innotrends on generational changes for innovation looks into the driving trends emerging with connected generations. Education The idea generation is much younger than we think. Is it the technological environment, or the social freedom to speak-up,… Read More Empowering new generations

Innovation Index: Artificial Intelligence not Artificial at all

The Innovation Index analyses the market attractiveness, business model maturity and infrastructure and support impact of a given sector or technology. This is the first part of the new Innovation Index for Artificial Intelligence. It aims at analyzing Artificial Intelligence market attractiveness through facts, figures and key words analysis, as collected through WAI networks. The… Read More Innovation Index: Artificial Intelligence not Artificial at all

Social Innovation: delivering concrete change

Social innovation has become an increasingly driving trend among innovation experts, professionals and specialists. As companies increase their efforts to bring “people”, whether these are customers, employees, leaders, board members, at the heart of their values, developing innovative projects to lead to a better society is drawing nearer. Social innovation trends as shared on WAI… Read More Social Innovation: delivering concrete change