Managing the “Breakthrough Decade” through innovation

Connecting dots combines the 10 most read stories on  over the last week into a single analysis that highlights our readers innovation priorities. Sharing and jointly developing business ideas has become mainstream in growingly communicative world. At the same time, innovation experts foresee drastic organizational and technological changes that demand a high preparedness for an… Read More Managing the “Breakthrough Decade” through innovation

Innovation Index: what value for intelligent machines?

You can now find the end-to-end Innovation Index for Artificial Intelligence in below presentation. Key take aways Market Innovation practitioners describe two potential futures where Artificial Intelligence is either an opportunity or a threat. With a high market potential combined with decreasing costs of development, AI is seen a being a strategic opportunity for major… Read More Innovation Index: what value for intelligent machines?

On the go: Who is innovation?

Who we are curates and connects innovation trends and analysis as shared by experts and practitioners on social and professional networks. By consistently analyzing and storytelling innovation through strategic formats, we intend to catalyze change in the real world by delivering management publications for innovation professionals. This on-going strategic plan is a two way… Read More On the go: Who is innovation?

“Big Innovation Now”? A parallel reading exercise

On the Go is your weekly innovation inspired by elsewhere.   Sometimes “elsewhere” is not very far. Today, it’s just next door. Because of the critical economic, technological, social, cultural and systemic impact of Big Data, it is important to understand what mechanics lay behind, and actually, also beyond. There are free resources to get… Read More “Big Innovation Now”? A parallel reading exercise