Daily Pick: 10 ways the world is changing

While past values are continuously challenged to define better solutions, at times through difficult compromises, social links enable individuals to gain further credit in organizations. With global warming as a ringing alert for all, the world is slowly  shifting towards flexible, interconnected and community based knowledge sharing to create intelligent solutions, including the development of machines and… Read More Daily Pick: 10 ways the world is changing

Daily Pick: 13 reasons why companies should apply constructive thinking

As experts outline, the future of work offers multi-dimensional connectivity between individuals and teams usually kept apart in current organizations. Because hierarchy, workplace and collaboration tools are evolving, companies need to investigate the value of constructive thinking to develop innovation while engaging both leaders and employees to create value, building cultures where change is positive and being good a necessity.… Read More Daily Pick: 13 reasons why companies should apply constructive thinking

Business experts seeking intelligent innovation

Outlining the critical social, technological and economic changes affecting innovation ecosystem, business experts and professional communities bring up necessary mindsets and tools for organizations to build the technical and human skills they need to generate more value. Because business complexity is increasing with the multiplicity of challenges and solutions fostered by hyper-connected customers, business experts… Read More Business experts seeking intelligent innovation

Next stop: Smart Cities

Initially outlined as a technological innovation opportunity, smart cities are now showing great potential to foster economic growth in regions spreading beyond major cities. Affecting all sectors and enabling private, public, government and citizen partnerships, the innovation impact of smart cities is a perfect example of potentially disruptive ecosystems being created to regenerate growth while… Read More Next stop: Smart Cities

Startups, people and ecosystems: success and reality

InnoGraph is an innovation trend explained through visual graphs.  The business world is in search of unicorns. Or is it? Startups are created throughout the world as a way to challenge existing business models and bring disruption as a market changer to develop growth. Because they showcase personal success stories grown in an accelerated environment,… Read More Startups, people and ecosystems: success and reality

The complex world around Millennials

The economic and technological environment surrounding Millennials is an invite for innovation. The sharing economy promises new business models for their ideas, even paying systems are developing new services to follow their buying habits. With a high sense of engagement, younger generations hold the power to drastically change the world we live in. Science and… Read More The complex world around Millennials

We Are Innovation because we are entrepreneurs

Innovation and entrepreneurship are closely linked by human behaviors and professional skills needed to launch and drive a business. Through a variety of specialists and entrepreneurs view, it is striking to see how entrepreneurship is needed not only to build new business models and recreate an entire economic system focused on individuals, whether inside our… Read More We Are Innovation because we are entrepreneurs

Fresh energy at work: Millennials get on board

Businesses are increasingly investigating how to best define and address younger generations. They understand they need to develop their presence on new media, but also question the benefits of developing products specific to Millennials. Through inspiration and purpose, they seek to develop new codes and visions that could bring young generations on board, whether they… Read More Fresh energy at work: Millennials get on board

Empowering new generations

Hackathon, serious games, agility and pragmatic knowledge, society explores all possible ways to better engage with younger generation. This first part of Innotrends on generational changes for innovation looks into the driving trends emerging with connected generations. Education The idea generation is much younger than we think. Is it the technological environment, or the social freedom to speak-up,… Read More Empowering new generations