The Internet of possibilities

The recent technical analyses issued on this knowledge platform have covered top trending technologies: Blockchain and AI. Further identifying core components of those systemic innovation leads to look at the Internet of Things. Latest numbers and trends further characterize the initial analysis driven on that topic: “The Internet of things: of what, exactly?“. All those connected… Read More The Internet of possibilities

We can all be part of a great story

Connecting dots combines the 10 most read stories on  over the last week into a single analysis that highlights our readers innovation priorities. There isn’t a day without a journalist, specialist and other expert explaining how our economies, democracies and societies stand at a turning point in history. Innovation as defined by a variety of professionals describes… Read More We can all be part of a great story

Society and Technology: how horizontal are we?

As communications over social networks become mainstream, experts intend to analyze their impact on politics and business driven conversations. Within citizens communities, social platforms already generate activities and businesses that highlight a generational difference in our approach to defining solutions, as well as our perception of disruptions and continuity. While globally created links open new… Read More Society and Technology: how horizontal are we?