Daily Pick: 12 adaptive behaviors for change

Daily Pick outlines most popular posts and tweets on innovation from WAI social networks. By developing the appropriate customer focused thinking processes, innovation can help anticipate drastic  and unforeseeable changes by opening access to knowledge and learning lessons from past. Driven by emotions and care, new strategies allow innovation experts to develop adaptive design as… Read More Daily Pick: 12 adaptive behaviors for change

Next stop: Smart Cities

Initially outlined as a technological innovation opportunity, smart cities are now showing great potential to foster economic growth in regions spreading beyond major cities. Affecting all sectors and enabling private, public, government and citizen partnerships, the innovation impact of smart cities is a perfect example of potentially disruptive ecosystems being created to regenerate growth while… Read More Next stop: Smart Cities

The complex world around Millennials

The economic and technological environment surrounding Millennials is an invite for innovation. The sharing economy promises new business models for their ideas, even paying systems are developing new services to follow their buying habits. With a high sense of engagement, younger generations hold the power to drastically change the world we live in. Science and… Read More The complex world around Millennials