Social Innovation: beyond better

Inside and outside their walls, cities, towns and communities witness a rise of socially driven initiatives going beyond business priorities, placing local people concerns at the heart of their missions. With disruptive creativity tools they share with their startup peers, those public-private partnerships are able to build their own dynamics and rules to generate a local creative ecosystem.… Read More Social Innovation: beyond better

Innotrends: Rethinking financial ecosystems for innovation

Innotrends highlights innovation trends as explained by innovation analysts covering common expert insights. This article provides a view of financial analysts and investors concerns for innovation. As economic conditions keep predicting unstable environments for the launch of new businesses, products and services, financial analysts and economics experts describe how micro and macro changes are forcing innovation… Read More Innotrends: Rethinking financial ecosystems for innovation

InnoMetrics: The environment under state of emergency

InnoMetrics brings together key figures and trends shared by innovation experts on WAI social networks.  As they question the “green promises” of new business models, experts and analysts list the more or less successful initiatives that show a tangible willingness to drive environmental friendly policies and strategies. By doing so, they also remind the lack… Read More InnoMetrics: The environment under state of emergency

How social knowledge shapes new models

As societies, economies and policies struggle to define models and strategies that efficiently answer challenges faced on a global basis, social innovation led in limited yet impactful initiatives showcase the talents and skills needed to drive intelligent change. By outlining the shortcomings and opportunities identified in our current business, economic and social models, experts call… Read More How social knowledge shapes new models

The luxury of freedom and green lights of hope

The Big Picture is a PESTLE analysis for innovation. This article looks into Legal and Environment issues. You can also read Politics and Economics, as well as Society and Technology. Although countries and governments are making tangible progress to define a legal framework around Big Data, press and media remind how looming mass-surveillance threatens our privacy… Read More The luxury of freedom and green lights of hope

Next stop: Smart Cities

Initially outlined as a technological innovation opportunity, smart cities are now showing great potential to foster economic growth in regions spreading beyond major cities. Affecting all sectors and enabling private, public, government and citizen partnerships, the innovation impact of smart cities is a perfect example of potentially disruptive ecosystems being created to regenerate growth while… Read More Next stop: Smart Cities

Empowering new generations

Hackathon, serious games, agility and pragmatic knowledge, society explores all possible ways to better engage with younger generation. This first part of Innotrends on generational changes for innovation looks into the driving trends emerging with connected generations. Education The idea generation is much younger than we think. Is it the technological environment, or the social freedom to speak-up,… Read More Empowering new generations

Social Innovation: delivering concrete change

Social innovation has become an increasingly driving trend among innovation experts, professionals and specialists. As companies increase their efforts to bring “people”, whether these are customers, employees, leaders, board members, at the heart of their values, developing innovative projects to lead to a better society is drawing nearer. Social innovation trends as shared on WAI… Read More Social Innovation: delivering concrete change

On the go: recipes for “good” innovation?

On the go is your innovation story inspired from elsewhere. Change necessitates new behaviors in order to develop human centered innovation. In the below radio show, “Le Téléphone Sonne”, from France Inter (in French), experts around Hélène Jouan try to define and analyse the possibility of being happy in the workplace. Is it linked to our value as… Read More On the go: recipes for “good” innovation?