Innovation as an open dialogue

“Connecting dots” is a weekly consolidation of top ten articles read on, combining experts’ thoughts with readers interests. Although innovation impacts a vast diversity of topics and projects, building an intelligent conversation between experts and initiatives enables to closely listen to how change takes place across sectors and organizations. Such an exchange of ideas… Read More Innovation as an open dialogue

From global uncertainty to personal reality

Connecting dots combines this week ten most read articles into a single story. As political, economic and social experts further emphasize the emergency of defining new solutions and models combining pragmatic expertise and a wider variety of knowledges, the global threats and constraints rising from technology and environment require to develop intelligent frameworks to drive innovation with more… Read More From global uncertainty to personal reality

Diversity as a success story

Diversity: your best innovation partner By integrating both internal and external views into idea generation, development processes and open innovation strategies, businesses and organizations showcase the value of diversity to optimize inspiration, problem-solving, change management and customer relationships. Those approaches enable to apprehend diversity beyond the usual gender, ethnic and religious scopes that are developed by analysts, press and media. Instead,… Read More Diversity as a success story

InnoGraph: Redefining leadership in the new innovation ecosystem

InnoGraph is a visual representation of the innovation trends and information shared on specific topics. Because of the changes occurring in its operating environment, innovation is managed in different styles and techniques combination which allows managers themselves to adapt. Team working is given a new dimension with collaborative communication tools, and through that teams and… Read More InnoGraph: Redefining leadership in the new innovation ecosystem

Ladies first? Women and Innovation, the latest trends

InnoTrends is a monthly trends analysis by innovation segments. This month has been a lot about how to better integrate female workers in the IT industry. Three main events for that: Silicon Valley’s top companies unveiling the massive women shortage among their resources and assets, triggering a range of supportive programs to increase the number… Read More Ladies first? Women and Innovation, the latest trends