The Digital Crowd Rules – Human centricity and systemic innovation

It is time to close our Loop#2 and share our newly released management report: Human Centricity and Systemic Innovation. From May 5th, 2016 to February 8th, 2017, I have analyzed and compiled innovation trends into analytic stories intending to provide you with a live definition of opportunities and threats opened by the digital era. Whether you consider… Read More The Digital Crowd Rules – Human centricity and systemic innovation

“By humans, for humans”

I started working at a time when we did not have “data” to make decisions, we called them “statistics”. And we’d partially build them ourselves (we called them: “internal estimates”). We didn’t have “communities” either, or not as they exist and interact today on social media. We called them “segments” and we had lengthy presentations to understand… Read More “By humans, for humans”

Making sense of social media through diversity

Market roadmaps describe key market component of specific innovation trends combining posts and tweets shared on WAI social networks. From readers to information providers, social media is interlinking global opinions and specific facts into a complex conversation questioning users’ ability to make sense of increasing amounts of data both as citizens and customers. The uniformity of ideas… Read More Making sense of social media through diversity

From the experts: Transformative Innovation

InnoTrends is an innovation trends analysis for each innovation segment. Today we look at how Innovation Experts develop a “transformative innovation” concept.     Learning To Manage for Disruption: “The new age of disruption requires a big data mindset, where we’re not trying to be right, but to become less wrong over time by collecting… Read More From the experts: Transformative Innovation