Can you “sensespeak” innovation?

Innovation often comes down to language. Development languages, “buzzwords”, keywords seem to be dictating innovation cultures instead of products, concepts and ideas. New codes arise in an ever changing technological environment, challenging organizations’ ability to articulate visions and operations, cooperations, into timely and customer centric innovation projects. Entrepreneurs and change makers across sectors pave ways… Read More Can you “sensespeak” innovation?

Daily Pick: 6 questions to improve economic unions and globalization

Daily Pick is the story of all the latest innovation news that matter to you. By constructing a more transparent framework, economic unions could be in a position to define intelligent trading rules that would benefit local needs. To do this, they need to consider inviting citizens into operations, while assessing the local competences they… Read More Daily Pick: 6 questions to improve economic unions and globalization

Social Innovation: beyond better

Inside and outside their walls, cities, towns and communities witness a rise of socially driven initiatives going beyond business priorities, placing local people concerns at the heart of their missions. With disruptive¬†creativity tools they share with their startup peers, those public-private partnerships¬†are able to build their own dynamics and rules to generate a local creative¬†ecosystem.… Read More Social Innovation: beyond better

The Digital Challenge: politics and economics

The Big Picture is a PESTLE analysis for innovation based on trends shared by experts from our networks. Today we look at innovations talks for politics and economics. While governments in Europe start to build and invest in digitally driven initiatives to modernize democracy, economists question the potential opportunities and threats of the sharing economy,… Read More The Digital Challenge: politics and economics