The connected creativity

Below analysis summarizes this week’s most read articles under a single strategic story that defines our view of innovation. Innovation experts and analysts around the world shape innovation through organizations, universities, projects, ideas and communities. Under a collaborative effort to better drive change, innovation communities shape the story of our aspiration to build a sustainable future. Innovation connects experiences Throughout our technological… Read More The connected creativity

You are Invited: Global Innovation Meeting – We Are Innovation is a global think lab on innovation. What does it mean ? Join our Global Innovation Meeting to know more. Anytime, Anyone, Anywhere. We are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Slideshare. Have you missed the first part of the meeting? Don’t worry. I have made some notes. Why we are innovation: there is… Read More You are Invited: Global Innovation Meeting – We Are Innovation

We Are Innovation because we are Agile

Whether it comes from technological change, disruptive business models or growing market constraints linked to higher demands from customers, organisations and strategies have to change. Partnerships? Social business? Digitalization? Diversification? Or maybe all of it? The only certainty companies have left is legacy will not survive to the new era, whichever it is, that era… Read More We Are Innovation because we are Agile

From the experts: Transformative Innovation

InnoTrends is an innovation trends analysis for each innovation segment. Today we look at how Innovation Experts develop a “transformative innovation” concept.     Learning To Manage for Disruption: “The new age of disruption requires a big data mindset, where we’re not trying to be right, but to become less wrong over time by collecting… Read More From the experts: Transformative Innovation

We Are Innovation, because we rethink creatively

Innovation starts with creativity. Throwing ideas in and learning to select those which go to market. Learning to create the selection path. Learning to teach it to others. Learning to learn. Creativity is boundless, innovation draws its boundaries: technical, financial, market and trends, resources. Creativity helps pushing those boundaries further.   Throwing ideas in It… Read More We Are Innovation, because we rethink creatively