Can you “sensespeak” innovation?

Innovation often comes down to language. Development languages, “buzzwords”, keywords seem to be dictating innovation cultures instead of products, concepts and ideas. New codes arise in an ever changing technological environment, challenging organizations’ ability to articulate visions and operations, cooperations, into timely and customer centric innovation projects. Entrepreneurs and change makers across sectors pave ways… Read More Can you “sensespeak” innovation?

The Internet of possibilities

The recent technical analyses issued on this knowledge platform have covered top trending technologies: Blockchain and AI. Further identifying core components of those systemic innovation leads to look at the Internet of Things. Latest numbers and trends further characterize the initial analysis driven on that topic: “The Internet of things: of what, exactly?“. All those connected… Read More The Internet of possibilities

Block chain: crystallizing the revolution ahead

Among strategic angles developed by this blog, the Innovation Index consolidates a wide variety of technical and marketing views around a specific innovation trends. Following the assessment of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and the Internet of Things, we are now analyzing the innovation impact of blockchain. The three-dimensional approach of this tool enables to observe differing approaches… Read More Block chain: crystallizing the revolution ahead

Understanding the dynamics of change through diversity

Reluctance to change appears in a number of interactions I can find online and offline. There is a digital disruption going on, and this is happening whether we agree or not. Investments, jobs, physical and virtual assets deployed around the globe can only confirm this trend. One of the missions of this blog is to help… Read More Understanding the dynamics of change through diversity

7 traits of smart change makers

Current pressuring political, economic and social trends usually spread tensions and fear across media, including social media, creating further individual anxiety. From an innovation viewpoint, this in fact seems to generate further appetite for innovation, as identified through the selection of most liked and shared ideas on WAI social networks. What makes smart change makers believe so fiercely… Read More 7 traits of smart change makers

How can you become the next ‘exponential catalyst’?

As initiated through the latest loop, I found it interesting to continue working on opened topics we identified in the recent weeks to inspire current innovation conversations. After all, we are writing a continuous story of change (as much as change can be continuous), and keeping track of ideas enables to highlight common denominators on a longer… Read More How can you become the next ‘exponential catalyst’?

The Digital Crowd Rules – Human centricity and systemic innovation

It is time to close our Loop#2 and share our newly released management report: Human Centricity and Systemic Innovation. From May 5th, 2016 to February 8th, 2017, I have analyzed and compiled innovation trends into analytic stories intending to provide you with a live definition of opportunities and threats opened by the digital era. Whether you consider… Read More The Digital Crowd Rules – Human centricity and systemic innovation

InnoGraph: Communities, Cultures and Companies

Company cultures are described by innovation experts and analysts as evolving towards professional and social communities where individuals need to understand what their role and value are to maximise their impact while optimizing their personal development. As a result, innovation in future company cultures will be led by communities able to develop the human values and… Read More InnoGraph: Communities, Cultures and Companies

Diversity as a success story

Diversity: your best innovation partner By integrating both internal and external views into idea generation, development processes and open innovation strategies, businesses and organizations showcase the value of diversity to optimize inspiration, problem-solving, change management and customer relationships. Those approaches enable to apprehend diversity beyond the usual gender, ethnic and religious scopes that are developed by analysts, press and media. Instead,… Read More Diversity as a success story