InnoTrends: Augmented Innovation

InnoTrends looks into the semantic and key themes developed by innovators from WAI social networks. It provides a view of the wording used to comment and analyze key developments occurring in the innovation world today. WAI has investigated a market driven dimension, socially driven dimension and technology driven dimension. Innovators are developing change at increasingly larger scales,… Read More InnoTrends: Augmented Innovation

Innovation Index: Hadoop, the turning point

You can now find the full Innovation Index for Hadoop: market attractiveness, business model maturity, infrastructure and support, in below presentation. Key take aways Market There seem to be a lack of reality understanding, and although this so-called reality might include a range of risks to assess, companies and researches tend to push towards greater… Read More Innovation Index: Hadoop, the turning point

One step further at a time: Society and Technology

The Big Picture is a monthly PESTLE analysis taking you through key innovation trends for Society and Technology. You can find our first article on Politics and Economics here. Society: defining new models There is no debate on the fact that our societies need to change. They are changing. They need more inclusiveness, they need more… Read More One step further at a time: Society and Technology

Hadoop: finding the right balance

The Innovation Index analyses the market attractiveness, business model maturity and infrastructure and support impact of a given sector or technology. This is the second part of the new Innovation Index for Hadoop. It aims at analyzing Hadoop business model maturity. The first part of the analysis, covering market attractiveness, is available here. A last article will… Read More Hadoop: finding the right balance

Interoperability creates boundless creativity

Back when I was still working for my former employer, I used to develop concepts and market requirements for interoperable projects. “Interoperability”, a long word which holds the charm of a lengthy story. It’s meant to bring technologies to connect to each other, ultimately connecting people behind. It’s meant to build new breeds of networks.… Read More Interoperability creates boundless creativity

We Are Innovation, because we rethink creatively

Innovation starts with creativity. Throwing ideas in and learning to select those which go to market. Learning to create the selection path. Learning to teach it to others. Learning to learn. Creativity is boundless, innovation draws its boundaries: technical, financial, market and trends, resources. Creativity helps pushing those boundaries further.   Throwing ideas in It… Read More We Are Innovation, because we rethink creatively