We are innovation because we are global citizens

From economic indicators to global visions of citizenship, the world seen through the lenses of a shared need for change enlightens concepts and initiatives that are taking innovation debates a little further, one question at a time. Even though knowledge barriers remain in our approach to economic analysis and information sharing, including regulation, a greater… Read More We are innovation because we are global citizens

Daily Pick: 13 critical skills to innovate tomorrow

The Daily Pick is a strategic story combining most popular posts and tweets as shared on WAI social networks. Beyond the ability to place customers and employees at the heart of business success stories, experts and analysts highlight the need for innovation leaders to intelligently combine technologies and human diversity to drive breakthroughs on new… Read More Daily Pick: 13 critical skills to innovate tomorrow

Innovation Index: AI requirements for optimized infrastructure and support

This Innovation Index is an end-to-end strategic impact analysis combining market attractiveness, business model maturity, infrastructure and support impact for Artificial Intelligence. This last part analyses the Technical Readiness to Market, Structural Readiness to Market and Legal, Economic and Environment impact of markets and services related to AI based on innovation analyses shared by experts… Read More Innovation Index: AI requirements for optimized infrastructure and support

From global uncertainty to personal reality

Connecting dots combines this week ten most read articles into a single story. As political, economic and social experts further emphasize the emergency of defining new solutions and models combining pragmatic expertise and a wider variety of knowledges, the global threats and constraints rising from technology and environment require to develop intelligent frameworks to drive innovation with more… Read More From global uncertainty to personal reality

A complex vision of tomorrow

From art to technology, our visions of tomorrow are filled with emotions and questions that highlight our curious relationship with uncertainty. Rising both the tools to better thrive in a challenging environment and the needs expressed by communities of innovators, experts and analysts outline flexible approaches to apprehend technology developments. Opening systemic debates, rather than simple… Read More A complex vision of tomorrow

Digital Citizens with Human Needs

Elaborating a complex equation to define a humanly beneficial place to technology, analysts and experts unveil a prismatic impact of innovation on citizens daily lives. The combination of crowd level audiences and rising willingness to progress towards equality generates a momentum to express requirements as well as head towards common objectives. Using digital tools to spread… Read More Digital Citizens with Human Needs

The connected creativity

Below analysis summarizes this week’s most read articles under a single strategic story that defines our view of innovation. Innovation experts and analysts around the world shape innovation through organizations, universities, projects, ideas and communities. Under a collaborative effort to better drive change, innovation communities shape the story of our aspiration to build a sustainable future. Innovation connects experiences Throughout our technological… Read More The connected creativity

Innovation Index: Artificial Intelligence not Artificial at all

The Innovation Index analyses the market attractiveness, business model maturity and infrastructure and support impact of a given sector or technology. This is the first part of the new Innovation Index for Artificial Intelligence. It aims at analyzing Artificial Intelligence market attractiveness through facts, figures and key words analysis, as collected through WAI networks. The… Read More Innovation Index: Artificial Intelligence not Artificial at all