The Citizen Scale

« How many dreams do you have, so far ? », I asked. « Approximately 500,000 », he replied. « Essaouira has brought another 10,000 dreams », the artist, JK58, continued, as a dozen children from the city kept writing their own personal wish. « Constellation » is a creative art programme presented to support UN sustainable development goals. The initiative travels the… Read More The Citizen Scale

Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité

This Daily Pick is dedicated to Freedom, Equality and Fraternity, three friends of mine who have lost far too many lives, but are not quite dead yet. Below are countless reasons why. Freedom “lemondefr  #Plantu‘s drawing, the day following #Paris attack.” “« Fluctuat nec mergitur. » The latin motto of Paris spontaneously became a resistance slogan against terrorism in the capital streets and… Read More Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité

“I am Charlie”

WAI is saddened by the loss of several of the most brilliantly virulent French spirits. This blog firmly believes in freedom of speech. There are no words to tell the horror and shock. We follow the entire French nation in uniting behind Charlie Hebdo. We Are Charlie

Scientific poetry, the science of emotions

On The Go is your innovation story inspired from elsewhere A radio show from France Culture,  “Les nouveaux chemins de la connaissance“, recently explored a specific poetry that was developed in the early 1800s. Those poems were inspired by science. This movement attempts to provide sense to science through poetry. As the author invited on the show explains, scientific… Read More Scientific poetry, the science of emotions

Of Legacy and Change in the New Banking Ecosystem

As many other markets, banking and retail banking in particular is being challenged by disruptive newcomers developing competing services on mobile, for instance, or via the Internet in general. As many other markets, the trends in opinions and visions tend to be two-folded. The first is the voice of the legacy, who claims the customer… Read More Of Legacy and Change in the New Banking Ecosystem

Education is the key to everything, says Georges Sand.

On the go is your weekly innovation story inspired from elsewhere. I happen to live where Georges Sand was born and spent most of her life. I just finished reading her novel “Mauprat”, which takes place just a few kilometres away from me, but 200 years ago. How did this place look like at that time? Honestly, I… Read More Education is the key to everything, says Georges Sand.