Connecting dots: what platforms to organize global change?

Connecting dots is an end-to-end story combining the 10 most read articles on WAI blog over the last week. This article therefore articulates experts viewpoints with readers interest to build one single story for change. From developed to developing countries, a global need for an equal, free and sustainable model for societies has risen at the… Read More Connecting dots: what platforms to organize global change?

Social Innovation: beyond better

Inside and outside their walls, cities, towns and communities witness a rise of socially driven initiatives going beyond business priorities, placing local people concerns at the heart of their missions. With disruptive creativity tools they share with their startup peers, those public-private partnerships are able to build their own dynamics and rules to generate a local creative ecosystem.… Read More Social Innovation: beyond better

On the go: Who is innovation?

Who we are curates and connects innovation trends and analysis as shared by experts and practitioners on social and professional networks. By consistently analyzing and storytelling innovation through strategic formats, we intend to catalyze change in the real world by delivering management publications for innovation professionals. This on-going strategic plan is a two way… Read More On the go: Who is innovation?

Innovation as an open dialogue

“Connecting dots” is a weekly consolidation of top ten articles read on, combining experts’ thoughts with readers interests. Although innovation impacts a vast diversity of topics and projects, building an intelligent conversation between experts and initiatives enables to closely listen to how change takes place across sectors and organizations. Such an exchange of ideas… Read More Innovation as an open dialogue

How social knowledge shapes new models

As societies, economies and policies struggle to define models and strategies that efficiently answer challenges faced on a global basis, social innovation led in limited yet impactful initiatives showcase the talents and skills needed to drive intelligent change. By outlining the shortcomings and opportunities identified in our current business, economic and social models, experts call… Read More How social knowledge shapes new models

Social Innovation: delivering concrete change

Social innovation has become an increasingly driving trend among innovation experts, professionals and specialists. As companies increase their efforts to bring “people”, whether these are customers, employees, leaders, board members, at the heart of their values, developing innovative projects to lead to a better society is drawing nearer. Social innovation trends as shared on WAI… Read More Social Innovation: delivering concrete change

We Are Innovation because we share

Innovation comes from the interaction of two concepts: an idea and a need. It is, in essence, born from sharing. This on-going discussion enables those iterations that take concepts to tangible projects, and generates the appropriate framework for ideas to develop further, without being closed on narrow points of views that eventually mislead innovation. Customer inclusion has… Read More We Are Innovation because we share

Leading through change, politics and economics

The Big Picture is a PESTLE analysis taking you through the broader environment around innovation. Today, we cover Politics and Economics. Politics : Looking for heroes In an article from La Tribune, we interestingly learn that France is the first European nation in terms of start-up creation. As Delphine Cuny explains, French minister of economy stated… Read More Leading through change, politics and economics