Daily Pick: 10 ways the world is changing

While past values are continuously challenged to define better solutions, at times through difficult compromises, social links enable individuals to gain further credit in organizations. With global warming as a ringing alert for all, the world is slowly  shifting towards flexible, interconnected and community based knowledge sharing to create intelligent solutions, including the development of machines and… Read More Daily Pick: 10 ways the world is changing

The luxury of freedom and green lights of hope

The Big Picture is a PESTLE analysis for innovation. This article looks into Legal and Environment issues. You can also read Politics and Economics, as well as Society and Technology. Although countries and governments are making tangible progress to define a legal framework around Big Data, press and media remind how looming mass-surveillance threatens our privacy… Read More The luxury of freedom and green lights of hope

Daily Pick: 12 ideas to challenge innovation

Urging us to consider a constructive future, innovation analysts and experts seek to tackle complex issues by multiplying ideas and models which put human at the heart of their strategies. In order to remove barriers to innovation, organizations should align their objectives to apply new concepts beyond technologies and drive their culture towards a growing social… Read More Daily Pick: 12 ideas to challenge innovation

Digital Citizens with Human Needs

Elaborating a complex equation to define a humanly beneficial place to technology, analysts and experts unveil a prismatic impact of innovation on citizens daily lives. The combination of crowd level audiences and rising willingness to progress towards equality generates a momentum to express requirements as well as head towards common objectives. Using digital tools to spread… Read More Digital Citizens with Human Needs

InnoTrends: Augmented Innovation

InnoTrends looks into the semantic and key themes developed by innovators from WAI social networks. It provides a view of the wording used to comment and analyze key developments occurring in the innovation world today. WAI has investigated a market driven dimension, socially driven dimension and technology driven dimension. Innovators are developing change at increasingly larger scales,… Read More InnoTrends: Augmented Innovation

Social Innovation: delivering concrete change

Social innovation has become an increasingly driving trend among innovation experts, professionals and specialists. As companies increase their efforts to bring “people”, whether these are customers, employees, leaders, board members, at the heart of their values, developing innovative projects to lead to a better society is drawing nearer. Social innovation trends as shared on WAI… Read More Social Innovation: delivering concrete change

The issue with Privacy, How many steps to make a path?

The Big Picture is a monthly PESTLE analysis for innovation. Today we look at Legal and Environment. You can find Politics and Economics analysis here, and Society and Technology analysis here. The issue with Privacy The “AirPlane!” syndrome Oscillating between panic and comic, decisions and choices recently made by the EU in an intent to… Read More The issue with Privacy, How many steps to make a path?

We Are Innovation Because we are life artists

In our last post analysing innovation impact on society (The Disrupted Society) we talked about the new creativity that arises with diverted use of newly developed technologies. New creators are able to visualize and materialise an innovative form of arts, breaking open the doors of their imagination, taking us beyond. Connecting otherwise locked areas, sectors,… Read More We Are Innovation Because we are life artists