Understanding the dynamics of change through diversity

Reluctance to change appears in a number of interactions I can find online and offline. There is a digital disruption going on, and this is happening whether we agree or not. Investments, jobs, physical and virtual assets deployed around the globe can only confirm this trend. One of the missions of this blog is to help… Read More Understanding the dynamics of change through diversity

Cities, citizens and technologies: what makes social innovation intelligent?

The recurring theme of human centricity has gained traction towards the end of our latest loop. Although it has remained among the values and tools developed through our think l@b since very early posts of this blog, the technological developments scoped by this community have outlined another dimension of customer-centricity in the recent months. There… Read More Cities, citizens and technologies: what makes social innovation intelligent?

7 traits of smart change makers

Current pressuring political, economic and social trends usually spread tensions and fear across media, including social media, creating further individual anxiety. From an innovation viewpoint, this in fact seems to generate further appetite for innovation, as identified through the selection of most liked and shared ideas on WAI social networks. What makes smart change makers believe so fiercely… Read More 7 traits of smart change makers

Because we dare

Over the past few weeks, experts and leaders have wanted their readers to be inspired by women entrepreneurs and change makers, jointly celebrating the International Women’s Day. Through this transverse portrait of women disrupters, innovation discussions reminded a number of crucial human leadership skills that are able to inspire a common sense of purpose among diverse teams and engaging projects.… Read More Because we dare

How can you become the next ‘exponential catalyst’?

As initiated through the latest loop, I found it interesting to continue working on opened topics we identified in the recent weeks to inspire current innovation conversations. After all, we are writing a continuous story of change (as much as change can be continuous), and keeping track of ideas enables to highlight common denominators on a longer… Read More How can you become the next ‘exponential catalyst’?

“By humans, for humans”

I started working at a time when we did not have “data” to make decisions, we called them “statistics”. And we’d partially build them ourselves (we called them: “internal estimates”). We didn’t have “communities” either, or not as they exist and interact today on social media. We called them “segments” and we had lengthy presentations to understand… Read More “By humans, for humans”

Smart questioning, collaborative answering

As we reach the end of Loop #2 (you can still access Loop#1 here), I have decided to create an interim format, a wrap-up which consolidates stories shared along our latest analysis. Those shorter loops, called “Rounds”, articulate short, mid and longer term stories, as a way to hopefully enable you to vary innovation angles, eventually finding inspiration for… Read More Smart questioning, collaborative answering

Driving our global connectedness

Our global story As a central question to economic growth, business development and scientific breakthrough, the place of humans and technologies inspires innovation makers. What objectives beyond business and commercial values could we define for innovation? You can now read our 2016 innovation story as written through “Connected Dots” most read articles. Experts open discussion You can… Read More Driving our global connectedness

Building innovative virtuous circles from our differences

Beautiful Diversity is a series of management reports issued from our global think l@b. Based on thoughts and analyses shared by innovation experts, it intends to provide managers and professionals with actionable tools to generate innovative products and plans based on their personal and team diversity.  Diversity to revive creativity As a basis to generate new solutions or improve… Read More Building innovative virtuous circles from our differences