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No surprise, innovation fascinates me, for a broad range of reasons. Mainly because I’ve always enjoyed sharing these little bits of ideas which take us further. I think innovation is proximate and universal, common and specific at the same time. Moving forward, it looks like innovation might turn out to be critical and necessary (a gut feeling I have, or a dream, you tell me).

I have worked in small, medium, large, XXL size businesses, and driven a wide variety of innovation related projects. As a marketing and strategy professional, I’ve had to define innovation stories, help picture the future, size the gap, build the bridge. As a great story-teller, I thought I’d write a blog about these bridges and other wonderful structures that take us from today to tomorrow. And see where they take me.

In June 2017, I have launched the “Big Berry” initiative, a local communication and marketing agency to boost talents from Le Pays de La Châtre en Berry. While spreading local and practical information between businesses, public services and inhabitants on our local social media: ilovelachatre.fr, this project seeks to highlight the variety of expertise, inspirations and initiatives driven by our local community. Our agency supports them with creative communication and marketing tools.

Contact: johanna.camp @ weareinnovation.org


photo-nirina-4With over ten years of experience as Marketing, Business Development and Strategy Manager for major IT and Consumer Electronics companies, Johanna Camp has developed and driven global strategic plans for a variety of IT products and services. Her keen interest for innovation has led her to take on decisive roles in rolling out technologies that are today being used by millions of customers around the globe, interconnecting networks and applications to develop enhanced communication services. From product management to financial analysis, she has an in-depth understanding of processes, business models and market ecosystems.

After an intensive career path in Paris, she moved in La Châtre, Georges Sand’s hometown, where she now concentrates on her writing ambitions and enjoys a happy family life. As weareinnovation.org author, she has spent the last four years reading and analyzing the meaning of innovation for scientists, investors, entrepreneurs and end-users. In the midst of an economically deserted French rural area, she has managed to help local SMEs build their innovation processes to attract strategic customers and investors, implementing innovation and diversity in an ecosystem looking for a new breathe. Giving a voice to innovation is not her only passion, as she also exercises part of her creativity writing songs as lead vocals for her own music band, actively participating to local social life and cultural diversity.

With a Master’s Degree in Management from Grenoble Ecole de Management, Johanna is dedicating her time and energy sharing a meaningful life, using innovation as a tool to open her ideas and thoughts to the world. Johanna is 33 years old, mother of a young daughter, a keen English and French literature reader, playing piano when she is not typing on her keyboard.

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Today’s vision, Leadership Matters (Mike Lehr)

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  2. Hi.

    Per our conversation in LinkedIn, wanted to see if you’d be interested in reading my new book that comes out from Penguin next February. It’s called, Heartificial Intelligence: Embracing Our Humanity to Maximize Machines. If you send me your email addy, I’ll send it your way.

    Again, thanks for the great post/resource.

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