How can you become the next ‘exponential catalyst’?

As initiated through the latest loop, I found it interesting to continue working on opened topics we identified in the recent weeks to inspire current innovation conversations. After all, we are writing a continuous story of change (as much as change can be continuous), and keeping track of ideas enables to highlight common denominators on a longer term basis. I have summarized the ideas discussed in the latest round (Loop#2, Round#6). If you remember correctly, our last investigation led to define how we could build human values for innovation. There is a challenging objective beyond this idea, and it’s called exponential everything

Our latest discussions have highlighted a vested interest from our global community to better interact with complex personalities and individual purposes to make sense of innovation. The rise of data, be it Big Data, Smart Data, or any combination of the two, is leading experts to consider the best reading approaches to generate value for businesses and innovation projects. By wondering how to better address human needs through technologies, innovation analysts and customers help us understand what they would expect from impactful, meaningful change makers, which we can also call exponential catalysts.

Inspiring the exponential change maker in you

Through Loop#2, Round#6, we have defined what an innovation “by humans, for humans” could inspire, outlined visual tools to generate further creativity, asked ourselves whether innovation had borders and analyzed how to assess costs of uniformity. Technological developments carry a number of emotional drivers and barriers that affect customer relationships and brand positioning. How can you align those developments to the ‘exponential everything’ requirements and become the next catalyst?

You can find a summary of our key ideas in below presentation.

Smart questioning, collaborative answering

An experimental attempt to answer above open question will be driven across this new series of posts and articles to be issued in the coming weeks. This will result in the publication of an operational guide to tell your own story of becoming the next exponential catalyst. We have also recently added new videos and presentations to our knowledge library. Which one is your favorite? This is all done to inspire intelligent change, so make sure you have a read and I do welcome comments and feedbacks.


This sounds like a fantastic start of conversation to initiate our new Loop#3. Make sure you subscribe to the blog by email to receive all our latest analyzes and keep this this discussion lively.

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Photograph: Nirina Photography

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