What is a global think l@b?

Welcome to our Loop#3! Through a new series of rounds, I will share with you experts thoughts and comments that build most recent innovation trends from a variety of angles. The knowledge production model I have used is maturing and I have decided to reduce the number of rounds to include more analysis, balancing the We = You + I equation of “we are innovation”. Our communities are growing, just as the amount of information and diversity of viewpoints throughout platforms and networks. I felt it was important to keep adapting to the “Big Information” effect we keep outlining on this blog, and further clarify both the sense and the added value of your views and my analyses. But wait, there is still a question we need to answer. What is a global think l@b for innovation?

We = You + I

The interesting part of this on-going work certainly resides in the concept of applying findings, results and recommendations defined through the l@b to the blog itself, and keeping track of results that may be inspired from business cases derived from our management reports. This is how the story keeps going, and it opens a wide potential of development opportunities. Within this loop, we will have the opportunity to assess our most recent innovation developments, including the rise of block chain, and the spread of civic tech initiatives. I am looking forward to analyzing the discussions you experts have spread within your communities and with your customers around those topics.

WAI concept.001

Jointly assessing innovation

This loop will also offer you the opportunity to test and trial new tools we jointly defined for human centricity and systemic innovation. Above video is already mentioning a number of them. Horizontal, vertical, systemic and technical diversity are tools you need to understand and anticipate the dynamics of change, and they are defined, detailed and recommended in our latest management report. As we did in the last loop, I will share the results and recommendations that can be derived from applying such tools to the blog. In the meantime, you can access the preview version of our latest management report: “Human centricity and systemic innovation“, as well as a preview version of our first operational plan, “Tell your own story: how can you build human values for innovation“.

Loop3 schedule.001

Building two-way conversations

Last but not least, I am hoping to create opportunities to run live discussions with you. At the end of each round, I will schedule live Youtube conferences to take you through our key results and gather your questions, thoughts and feedbacks. I have already subscribed to a number of webinars to start interacting with experts, and plan to use the revenues generated by management reports and operational plans to attend innovation conferences. Finally, those of you that have inspired the writing of our last reports have received an invite to download their own copy for free. I am expecting a couple of feedbacks from those readers and hope they will participate to improve all readers experience.


As shared with some of you, my currency is knowledge, and it is pretty much what a global think l@b generates. Thanks to above mentioned changes and objectives, I hope we will contribute to build a meaningful, sensible and sustainable vision of innovation to inspire change makers throughout this now opened Loop#3.

weareinnovation.org writes the innovation story that thousands of innovation experts around the world constantly develop and share on WAI social networks. Browse our knowledge library and read our management reports to learn more.

Photograph: Nirina Photography


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