Smart questioning, collaborative answering

As we reach the end of Loop #2 (you can still access Loop#1 here), I have decided to create an interim format, a wrap-up which consolidates stories shared along our latest analysis. Those shorter loops, called “Rounds”, articulate short, mid and longer term stories, as a way to hopefully enable you to vary innovation angles, eventually finding inspiration for new ideas. This is basically how the “round” concept was born.

We recently discussed with abundance about the need to diversify ideas and formats to revive innovation. In addition, within this opening round (Loop#2, Round#6), I will have the opportunity to share with you the outcome of WAI’s costs of uniformity assessment. Such analysis is based on “Diversity as a success story” concept that helps understand where the blog would be heading without further diversity. From the assessment, it appears that sticking on the standard “analysis” format implies a rather repetitive narrative, and as a writer I might start feeling like a robot (and bored). So I investigated the potential for change, and sought to bring value through new formats.  One of them is the launch of this additional consolidating story.

Defining a human value to innovation

Another way of figuring out how this “Round” works is to look at our latest idea combination.  From January 10th to January 20th 2017, we have been covering a market roadmap on social media, a set of leadership skills for innovation in 2017, an end-to-end story explaining we could all be part of a great story, to conclude on an open question: what objectives beyond business and commercial value could be define for innovation?

You can find the presentation compiling key thoughts from this discussion below.

Smart questioning, collaborative answering


An experimental attempt to answer above open question will be driven across this new series of posts and articles to be issued in the coming weeks. This will result in the publication of an operational guide to tell your own story of building human values for innovation. As a way to add further transparency and clarity on the blog, a number of new pages explaining how the blog works, who I am as an innovation expert and writer, as well as our mission for innovation. (It was ‘about’ time!) I hope you will find this experiment inspiring and valuable for your own activities.

Finally, this opening round marks the end of Loop#2, which means you will be able to access our newly consolidated management report on diversity as an innovation practice as soon as the loop closes. This management report is entitled “Human centricity and systemic innovation”. You can still download our first report, “Diversity as a success story“. I’m definitely looking forward to sharing next steps with all of you. writes the innovation story that thousands of innovation experts around the world constantly develop and share on WAI social networks. Browse our knowledge library and read our management reports to learn more.

Photograph: Nirina Photography

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