Driving our global connectedness

Our global story

As a central question to economic growth, business development and scientific breakthrough, the place of humans and technologies inspires innovation makers. What objectives beyond business and commercial values could we define for innovation?

You can now read our 2016 innovation story as written through “Connected Dots” most read articles.

Experts open discussion

You can access our detailed discussion through below articles:

Connecting Dots: Humand and Technology influence on innovation, WAI March 2016

Connecting Dots: Combining skills and ideas for global change, WAI May 2016

Managing the “Breakthrough Decade” through innovation, WAI October 2016

Our recent conversation

In our most recent “Connecting Dots”, we discussed how connected creativity could address global threats.

“Although they appeal to emotional drives that could trigger the impact they seek, innovation experts still face cultural reluctance to change. The development pace of technologies and the current questions left unanswered by our technical progress highlight a growing need to prioritize sense and systemic approaches so improvements participate to solve global challenges.”

Read more: “How connected creativity can address global threats”, WAI December 2016

Thank you for writing such an inspiring story.

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Photograph: Nirina Photography

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