11 leadership skills to innovate in 2017

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By nurturing their innovation culture through relevant information sources, innovation experts are in a position to understand core roots of systemic threats as well as find inspiration from a richer variety of individuals. As a core element of building inspiration, they focus on meaningfulness beyond happiness and create an environment where individuals are free to express their talents. To address systemic opportunities, experts advise to customize processes as a way to create innovation from innovation. Smarter innovation is not just about creativity, it is also about being part of a great story.

#1 Get relevant information

” If blogs are the way our society will be getting our information, then we better know how to best master that medium. We have too much at stake as a culture to have our citizenry manipulated because we never taught our children the skills needed to cope with information distribution.”

Read more: “Blogs: do they serve any real purpose?”, Tom Whitby

You can also learn how to increase information relevance through diversity and social media.

#2 Understand essential rules of systemic threats

“The fourth issue: “The Internet being under the responsibility of states, but also civil society and businesses, negociation stakeholders are far too numerous”, worryingly highlights Adam Segal.” 

Lire plus:Quelles règles pour la cyberguerre froide“, Jacques Henno, Les Echos

Experts offer comprehensive tools to navigate a complex and uncertain environment through innovation.

#3 Learn from ordinary folks

“It may just be that ordinary people get the virtues of fair play and horizontal co-operation better than the conceited elites.”

Read more:Why The Davos Elite Won’t Solve our Global Problems“, Hakan Altinay, Social Europe

Our management report features step-by-step plans to develop your team and personal diversity for smart efficiency and open innovation.

#4 Build super inspiration

“Everybody wants to be a winner, and superbosses absolutely instill that sense of confidence. They truly inspire people.”

Read more:Three Traits of Successful Superbosses“, Agatha Bordonaro, Columbia Business School

You can build super inspiration and become a ‘super boss’ by developing constructive thinking and inclusiveness in your management style.

#5 Pursue meaningfulness

“Our goal this coming year shouldn’t just be happiness. Our goal should be meaningfulness. Instead of picking projects, hobbies, and relationships based on how happy they will make us, let’s focus on those things that make our lives more significant and worthwhile.”

Read more:In 2017, Pursue Meaning Instead of Happiness“, Emily Esfahani Smith and Jennifer Aaker, NYMAG

As a way to develop a meaningful innovation culture, you can get inspiration from experts seeking to place trust as a core management value.

#6 Enable freedom of speech

“Modern managers take on the role of inspiring leaders providing direction and vision, accompanying and supporting teams by creating conditions for success: help to overcome obstacles, development challenges, growth based on regular, constructive and engaging feedback.” 

Lire plus:L’autorité moderne: le management réinventé?” Talentis Coach

Understanding individual values within your team is  a critical step to creating virtuous circles for innovation. You can identify them by building diversity profiles.

#7 Define intelligent processes

“As an organization seeking to leverage the benefits of continuous improvement and a software-based service offering your job is to pick and choose the elements that work well for your teams and the brand values you’re trying to convey.”

Read more:Agile vs Lean vs Design Thinking“, Jeff Gothelf, Medium

Creating your own definition of processes and efficiency can dramatically increase a sense of shared purpose among your teams. Varying angles is an excellent tool to build smarter innovation.

#8 Address systemic issues

“A critical step is to focus on ensuring that everyone has the 21st century skills he or she needs to work productively today and in the future. Governments, companies, and educational institutions must cooperate to ensure we have a digitally literate and well-trained workforce.”

Read more:In 2017, winning back the debate on globalization“, Frank Mattern, LinkedIn

The digital economy is indeed leading a number of systemic disruptions businesses should be prepared to. Learn more about those trends and align your objectives to The Digital Challenge.


#9 Understand innovation for more innovation

“Every valuable remark, every question, every thought is written down, and finds its way onto an empathy map. We then step into the shoes of the employees and reframe the problem. What do they feel, what do they need, and how can we help them?”

Read more:Design thinking as a strategy: How understanding innovation creates innovation“, Jan Meijroos, The Next Web


Putting yourself in customers and employees’ shoes helps identify unearthed ideas to drive change. You can learn how driving innovation as an open dialogue contributes to creativity.

#10 Develop creativity

“Creativity is real and it’s here to stay. Those of you who are brave enough to accept that fact can capitalize on creativity’s undeniable power and use it as a force for change.”

Read more:Creativity Works column: The new age of innovation“, William Childs, The Morning Call


Innovation and creativity can give birth to inspiring experiences that experts are eager to share online. You can share this inspiration through innovation by learning from life artists.

#11 Be part of a great story

“So if you want a better shot at coverage, don’t ask what a reporter or an editor is working on and, maybe, don’t even tell them why your company is the most amazing thing they’ve ever heard of. Instead, tell them what they need to know — and how you’re a part of it.”

Read more:What Entrepreneur’s Editor in Chief look for when assigning stories“, Jason Feifer, Entrepreneur


Storytelling innovation is an impactful way of transmitting non commercial value to customers and partners. Discover how to share emotions with innovation.


weareinnovation.org writes the innovation story that thousands of innovation experts around the world constantly develop and share on WAI social networks. Browse our knowledge library and read our management reports to learn more.

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