10 systemic innovation trends fueled by startups

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As a growing number of startups have now had time to achieve a journey towards business success and failure, they are able to spread best practices on a systemic basis through clusters, hubs and connections with other company type, including incumbent companies in need for agility and open innovation. This shared flexibility also participates to identify and highlight systemic shortcomings that need to be addressed to develop a suitable framework for startups. This specific positioning enables startups to reach a systemic impact, acting through cooperation and inspiring VCs to fund initiatives led by “world-changing entrepreneurs”. By bringing a human sense to technologies and business models closer to end-user needs, they are a perfect ecosystem to analyze in order to understand how to best prepare for disruption.

#1 Attracting talents through diversity

“The need for a new generation of leaders has never been greater. Across every sector and in every corner of our planet, urgent challenges are mounting, and so are the opportunities. For purposeful, resilient changemakers on the verge of great things – the time to act is now.”

Read more:Live and work in The Netherlands as a start-up entrepreneur“, Jack Bartrop, THNK

#2 Experiencing business models failures

“It’s not a secret, since the beginning of the year, Viadeo is not going well. LinkedIn French competitor had suspended its stock exchange quotation earlier in the year, warned its shareholders that its restructuration would be difficult and has announced on November 29th that Paris commercial court had initiated a legal redress for the company over a three months period. “

Lire plus: “Placé en redressement judiciaire, l’avenir de Viadeo est plus sombre que jamais“, Gaël Weiss, Journal du Geek

#3 Spreading agile practices

#4 Instilling agility within incumbent companies

“Maybe this is one of the solution benefits: the startup owner has an expertise in his area but he is totally new to the company’s request. “They do not know the product”, explains Julien Masson. “

Lire plus: “Quand les start-up couchent les groupes du CAC 40“, Christophe Bys, Usine Digitale


#5 Highlighting economic agility requirements

“In order to produce real digital champions made in France, able to compete agents American or Chinese tech giants, or at least coexist with them, there are still to essential elements missing to French Tech.” The first one is within our reach, but obviously conditioned to our willingness: a more favorable fiscal and social framework, but most of all stabilized. (…). The author lever is linked to most developed startup funding.” 

Lire plus: “Le nouvel âge d’or de la French Tech“, François Vidal, Les Echos

#6 Developing systemic impact

“At the same time, we can reinvent the city for everyone, thanks to technologies and digital, innovative funding, energy transition, decentralized energies, new mobility, sharing economy, urban agriculture, short cycles development. Citizen participation both in decision making and action taking is a major asset and we should develop it in our cities.”

Lire plus: “Les villes pour tous : un appel à l’action mondiale pour des villes inclusives, innovantes et résiliantes“, Cities for Life, La Tribune

#7 Enabling cooperation

“Thus, startups studios are also called startup factories. Year after year, they develop, reuse and optimize an infrastructure (office space, back-office solutions, legal advice, management processes, a multi-disciplinary team, product design, and hosting service) and a know-how in shaping startups teams, and helping them to start their business.”

Read more: “Startups studios: a new kind of startups and innovation accelerators“, Nicolas Bry, Innovation Excellence

#8 Scaling for global change

“The Engine will also introduce startups to their entrepreneurial peers and to established companies, in innovation clusters across the region and around the world: It seeks to power a network of innovation networks.”

Read more:MIT launches new venture for world-changing entrepreneurs“, Rob Matheson, MIT News

#9 Bringing human sense

“And it works: eighteen months after it was created, the startup funded more than 300 projects thanks to 1,5 million euros collected, with an average of 5,000€ for each project. Those small amounts are seen as “tips to facilitate small structure implementation, and their diversification or conversion to organic agriculture”, as the founder explains. “

Lire plus: “Crowdfunding des champs, quand les particuliers financent la transition agricole, Jean-Jacques Valette, We Demain

#10 Disrupting current models

The simple acceleration of the business lifecycle doesn’t in itself make disruptive competitors any more threatening. To understand this new danger, it will be necessary to look at individual stories of industries that have experienced not a slow increase in the pace of their evolution, but a quick, devastating overwhelming of defenses that have long been impregnable.

Read more:When the Moats Dry Up: Opening the gates to Disruptive Innovators“, Dan McClure, Michael Kearns, Thoughtworks



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