Daily Pick: 15 steps towards a mindfully creative culture

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While social equality becomes a key requirement for change, the ability to substantially and smartly question our early business creativity leads innovation experts to anticipate the right challenges. Shaping an adequate environment for digital transformation demands a proper identification of management cultures it will serve while developing mindfulness and design thinking at board level. On top of proving a human value, this approach is an invite to tap into startup potentials while addressing public institutions and politics. It requires more women talents in strategic sectors and the ability to refresh learning tools so change can be expanded to an entire culture.

#1 Search for equality

“The first reason of this massive approbation is, according to both institutes, the hope generated by the idea of a basic revenue: with a regularly financial input, citizens hope for less money related turmoils. Others further highlight the equal opportunities and financial independence.” 

Read more: “64% des Français sont pour un revenu universel, révèle une enquête inédite“, Lara Charmeil, WE Demain

#2 Ask “many, many questions”

“Be patient. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to use Wikipedia or other, more lay-audience sources like blog posts to get a feel for your topic. Ask many, many questions.”

Read more: “How to (seriously) read a scientific paper“, Elisabeth Pain, Science

#3 Develop smart ideas

“Their secret? Combining a 30 centimeters thick polystyrene isolation to a wooden structure and foundations suspended on tilts.” 

Read more: “Deux Français inventent la maison zéro énergie, recyclable et montable en 15 jours“, Jean-Jacques Valette, WE Demain

#4 Start new businesses early in careers

“Instead of waiting around for their dream jobs to open up, many recent grads are choosing to start careers as entrepreneurs. Here are seven low-cost businesses you can start as a new college graduate.”

Read more: “7 business ideas for new college graduates“, Nicole Fallon, Business News Daily

#5 Be prepared for the right challenges

“The aim of education is to prepare students for adult life. So the role of schools should be thought through only after we have identified the challenges of being a grown-up.”

Read more: “What’s the most important school subject?“, The Economist

#6 Shape a digital transformation

“The commission ranking underlines the advance of Northern European countries in business digital transformation. Denmark, Finland and Sweden reach and ‘above average performance’ in the first four top scorings.”

Read more: “Mesurer pour progressed: l’économie numérique dans l’Union Européenne“, Institut Montaigne

#7 Identify the management culture

“In each culture also reside potentially counter productive but tolerated trends. As an example: when hierarchy is highly valued, leaders develop a specific adaptive ability which can lead to a “kiss up, kick down” management style : exacerbated respect towards important leaders on the one hand, authoritarian approach towards direct reports on the other hand.”

Read more: “Business. A chaque pays, son manager idéal“, Courrier International

#8 Develop mindfulness

“Mindfulness helps you enjoy the day-to-day and teaches you that there is no better place to be than where you are right now. You learn to see things that are unpleasant as temporary or as tiny chapters in the larger story that is your life.”

Read more: “What mindfulness actually means“, Catherine Cuello Fuente, TIME

#9 Apply design thinking in management teams

“Training the entire company including the leadership team on design thinking represents more than anything else a change in mindset for Infosys.However, Infosys needs to push change management in equal measure as training alone only gets you so far,” said Tom Reuner, managing director at HfS Research.

#10 Prove your human value

“Forrester indicates that trend toward more self-service online research and ordering is only likely to increase as more companies that sell to businesses and government agencies get more into e-commerce.  In many cases for B2B buyers, Hoar says, e-commerce “has taken away the need to talk to someone to explain things.”

Read more: “22% of B2B Salespeople will be replaced by Search Engines by 2020“, Thimothy Hughes, Linkedin

#11 Tap into startup engagement

#12 Address politics and public institutions

“Last but not least, the role of institutions in enabling systemic change has also been widely recognised in development-related projects. There is a promising potential to contribute to change when focusing at the institutional level, due to the significant role borne by institutions within any system.”

Read more: “Context: why focus on public institutions and politics?”, Vanesa Weyrauch, Politics and Ideas

#13 Engage more women in strategic sectors

“Women are underrepresented in both financial and technological sectors : Fintech has a double challenge to solve!”

Read more: “Comment attirer les talents féminins dans les startups?” Business O féminin

#14 Refresh learning tools


The report recommends to develop “Moocs”, life long learning, and moreover to develop collaborative apprenticeship and new learning methodologies through serious games, augmented reality or participative sciences.” 

Read more: “Transformation numérique, l’université est loin du compte“, Sylvain Rolland, La Tribune

#15 Expand digital change to the wider culture


Organization, in a digital transformation world, includes the work culture and the set of practices and attitudes that are key to executing digital transformations.

Read more: “Culture change is key in digital transformation“, Torben Rick

And you, how do you drive towards mindfully creative cultures?

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