Innovation Index: what value for intelligent machines?

You can now find the end-to-end Innovation Index for Artificial Intelligence in below presentation.

Key take aways


AI not Artificial at all
AI not Artificial at all

Innovation practitioners describe two potential futures where Artificial Intelligence is either an opportunity or a threat.

With a high market potential combined with decreasing costs of development, AI is seen a being a strategic opportunity for major players already and strategies are being concretely rolled-out.

Beyond technology, a shift seems to enable specialists to now foresee practical innovation and improvements enabled by AI.

Read more: “Artificial Intelligence not artificial at all” WAI July 2015


AI Business Model Maturity
AI Business Model Maturity

While major companies are involved in developing in depth research on neural networks and ways develop AI solutions for a variety of sector and changing business models, customers and markets increasingly realize they need to rethink models and prepare for a cross sector revolution that could leave part of humanity aside, if not in danger.

Technological advances allow experts to foresee new market opportunities, including those which do not exist yet and may add further unidentified risks to humanity.

Compared to IoT market forecasts over similar periods, machine learning potential revenues are still nascent and show that from a business planning point of view, many other digital components will need to generate substantial benefits to unleash AI full market potential.

Read more: “The human questions behind AI business models“, WAI September 2015


AI Infrastructure and Support

As a result, major Internet companies are developing concrete plans and investments to position themselves on AI market. On the other hand, most experts also agree there remain severe technical shortages affecting data processing tools and infrastructure impeding an efficient roll-out of AI services.

Organizations have initiated strategic alignments with platforms, technologies, skills and services needed to transition towards a data intelligent business orientation.

Nevertheless, the apparent unpreparedness of businesses’ direct and indirect conjectural frameworks remind the fragility of current growth expectations.

AI Innovation Index

AI Innovation Index

Read more: “AI requirements for infrastructure and support optimization“, WAI March 2016

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