On the go: Who is innovation?

Who we are

weareinnovation.org curates and connects innovation trends and analysis as shared by experts and practitioners on social and professional networks. By consistently analyzing and storytelling innovation through strategic formats, we intend to catalyze change in the real world by delivering management publications for innovation professionals. This on-going strategic plan is a two way conversation between experts and readers who continuously express their opinion online by outlining the reference articles and projects that drive innovation, and pointing out those areas of interest which best define the change they want to see in the real world, beyond the virtual communications shared online.

What we do

Why we are innovation defines our global vision for change.

Social Innovation draws attention to the social impact of innovation.

The Big Picture is a PESTLE analysis to depict the global environment surrounding our strategies.

The Innovation Index dives into the technical, financial and structural market trends of specific initiatives and projects.

Market roadmaps help understand the end-to-end impact of technologies and market moves.

InnoTrends are analysis reports highlighting specific innovation segment requirements.

The Think L@b gathers Daily Picks which show our collaborative actions plans from most shared and liked articles on WAI social and professional networks as well as Connecting Dots that draws a strategic line between 10 most read articles from the blog itself. The Think L@b also offers the final end-to-end view of our strategic stories through The Loop.

How we innovate

Strategic initiatives such as “Beautiful Diversity” enable the blog to publish management reviews based on the global thinking factory inspired by innovation leaders and practitioners quoted and interacting on the blog and its social networks.

Innovation and Diversity
Beautiful Diversity – Part 1: Diversity as a success story

How you can contribute

Make sure you get your own copy of “Beautiful Diversity” to support this blog and become a change agent in the real world. Follow this blog and join our social communities on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn to include your thoughts in our global innovation story, as we all write it.

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