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We Are Innovation curates and connects innovation articles so as to write our global innovation story. From thought leadership to customer requirements, we draw a strategic line between trends and events for leaders and practitioners to understand critical needs for change. The Loop is the end to end story combining latest articles inspired from WAI Facebook, Twitter and Google+ innovation threads.

Our story so far

Adaptive Behaviors.001

Innovation helps us generate fresher views on critical realities. We are inspired by social innovation which now drives initiatives into organizations and businesses. Even political and economical areas have identified social needs as necessary requirements for sustainable growth. Regulatory, infrastructure and technical barriers still restrain our global intelligence to fully reach its potential, but cultures within companies are paving the way for communities to develop common visions and skills to solve global issues. Time is counted for change to happen, especially with regards to the environmental challenges ahead of us. As a result, entrepreneurs reach out to each others to combine experiences to generate synergies. Experts from a variety of sectors collaborate to rethink our financial ecosystems. Diversity is identified as a necessary skill to address upcoming innovation challenges. Eventually, it is the very place of humans in driving their own destiny that is questioned by our overall story of innovation. 

Why we are innovation

Reading innovation
Reading innovation

As a learning and inspiring activity, reading is encouraged by entrepreneurs, leaders and business experts to enable individuals to develop new approaches and ideas. Not only does it offer the space and stand back to integrate knowledge, it also offers the space to think and feel the emotions we sometimes miss in daily routine to apprehend situations with a fresher view. Because reading connects readers and writers’ experiences into a constant dialog defining leadership, innovation and change, developing thoughts through different angles and varying voices, words, is a key requirement to continuously nurture creativity and willingness to solve growingly intricate issues.

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Social Innovation

social knowledge.003

As societies, economies and policies struggle to define models and strategies that efficiently answer challenges faced on a global basis, social innovation led in limited yet impactful initiatives showcase the talents and skills needed to drive intelligent change. By outlining the shortcomings and opportunities identified in our current business, economic and social models, experts call on organizations to be inspired by social innovation and replicate attitudes that can lead to measurable benefits for all. As key players, companies and businesses partner and initiate new programs as a way to better include social impact in their objectives. They are yet to be supported by a political willingness to drastically invest in social changes.

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The Big Picture

Politics and Economics
Politics and Economics

Developing social inclusiveness on political and economical areas is identified as a short term requirement to sustain growth on the long term. On top of developing diversity on gender and cultural levels, politics and economics can be drastically improved by addressing pressing social issues through systemic and intelligent change. To define such an approach, turning tables enables to look into so far unexplored areas while harnessing the power of diversity to revive sources of innovation.

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Innovation Index

AI Infrastructure and Support

Although businesses and leading companies both invest and align in data oriented strategic transition, technical, regulatory and organizational barriers still drastically lower AI infrastructure and support impact. That being said, experts and analysts still remind the existing added value intelligent use of information generates across sectors, and highlight the learning and business model innovation potential laying beyond structural shortcomings to overcome. Overall, the underlined risks and threats from lack of security and transparency to fully aligned services and strategies seem to remain superior to the overall business benefits identified across sectors in the eyes of AI experts and analysts.

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Company Cultures.004

Company cultures are described by innovation experts and analysts as evolving towards professional and social communities where individuals need to understand what their role and value are to maximise their impact while optimizing their personal development. As a result, innovation in future company cultures will be led by communities able to develop the human values and visions they need to create the best possible solution within commonly understood context and priorities.

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State of emergency
State of emergency

As they question the “green promises” of new business models, experts and analysts list the more or less successful initiatives that show a tangible willingness to drive environmental friendly policies and strategies. By doing so, they also remind the lack of political actions to follow such discourses for change. In the meantime, renewable energies can now showcase pragmatic and positive results to inspire a global turn in this battle to lower the impact of climate change. Finding a proper global leadership, investing in renewable energies and divesting from polluting assets is seen as a potential path for a more sustainable growth. Unfortunately, time is now counted for such changes to happen, and the amount of pollution generated so far shows how difficult the task remains for both developed and developing countries.

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Market Roadmap

Interconnected Experiences

As emergencies for change are pressing key market players to rethink collectively new ecosystems for growth, entrepreneurs and leaders develop new communication strategies to create communities around customers and skills to answer their needs.By reaching out to customers, such knowledge networks are able to transform organizations from the inside to emulate a commonly shared success story. Connecting experiences allows entrepreneurs and leaders to combine synergies in efficiently reaching commonly identified goals.

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WAI Financial Ecosystems

As economic conditions keep predicting unstable environments for the launch of new businesses, products and services, financial analysts and economics experts describe how micro and macro changes are forcing innovation to reach targets that go beyond profitability. Instead, new initiatives show that creating higher value through policies, optimized margin management and a smart approach to data and analytics enable to fuel new ideas for change. As a result, economics experts shape a new reasoning scheme that enables innovators to come up with new ecosystems and models that reinvent our approach to economic growth.

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Daily Pick

Daily Pick Critical Innovation Skills

Beyond the ability to place customers and employees at the heart of business success stories, experts and analysts highlight the need for innovation leaders to intelligently combine technologies and human diversity to drive breakthroughs on new markets. Alhtough the ability to make better decision through the use of data remains essential, experience shows human critical values remain essential in driving future innovation. On top of a global way of thinking leading to meet a wider society, innovation practitioners will need culturally adaptive communication skills as well as a realistic approach to success to stay focused on evidence, never losing sight of their essentials.

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Connecting Dots

New Ways of Thinking

As digital trends gain a wider space in the economic, political and social area, the place of people, both as civilians and human beings, necessitates to be reassessed by future technology developments. While new learning tools need to be developed to align business priorities with human needs, the development pace of technologies needs to be followed up by business model innovation, built in the appropriate economic framework. To reach this objectives, experts suggest to diversify strategies by varying angles and thinking framework, thus creating the necessary space for growth and birth of breakthrough ideas.

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This loop was initiated on December 2015 and closed on April 2016. It’s been read and shared by 2,700 innovation readers from 114 different countries, including Malawi, Lebanon, Nigeria, Sweden and Pakistan. 

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