Daily Pick: 9 requirements for a new way of thinking

The Daily Pick combines most popular innovation stories as shared on WAI social networks into a single strategic story.

As innovation experts and analysts urge to develop smart strategic innovation policies, they outline how networks and development frameworks are basic patterns of organizational successes and growth. Beyond the need to work in smarter and connected models lays the need for a new breed of democracy where socially driven ecosystems instigate change on the long term, including through education. By breaking away from existing ways of thinking, innovation explorers are urging to present more answers than questions while connecting dots between experience and aims.

#1 Develop smart strategic innovation policies

“Inventing the internal combustion engine didn’t create economic growth; it was the continuous improvement of that that created new industries, jobs and growth; for example, the automotive industry. And the State plays a major role here, not just passively via tax incentives, but also through smart strategic innovation policies, including direct investments in key technologies and firms.”

Read more: Innovation and The State, Institute for New Economic Thinking

Developing holistic approaches to innovation is necessary to drive intelligent impact. The role of politics and economics holds an increasing importance in strategic decisions and operational applications. You can learn more about new risks and rewards for innovation policies in the digital era. 

#2 Consider networks as a basic pattern of organization

“One of the key discoveries of the systems view of life is the insight that the network is the basic pattern of organization of all living systems. Therefore, a business organization will be alive — i.e. flexible, resilient, and creative — when it recognizes and empowers the living networks, or “communities of practice,” that exist within it.”

Read More: The New Copernican Revolution, Simon Robinson, Sustainable Brands

The ability to balance external risks through collaboration, cooperation, co-decision and open innovation has reached new momentums thanks to global information platforms. Experts have drawn a requirements framework for such platforms to connect global talents and complex projects.

#3 Understand growth frameworks

“Yet on closer scrutiny, it becomes apparent that they experience common problems arising at similar stages in their development. These points of similarity can be organized into a framework that increases our understanding of the nature, characteristics, and problems of businesses ranging from a corner dry cleaning establishment with two or three minimum-wage employees to a $20-million-a-year computer software company experiencing a 40% annual rate of growth.”

Read more: The Five Stages of Small Business Growth, Neil C. Churchill and Virginia L. Lewis, HBR

Based on this understanding, experts also outline the need to customize processes as a way to create innovation from innovation.

#4 Awaken democracy

“L’annonce du lancement de La Transition intervient le jour de la parution d’une enquête  du CEVIPOF (Centre de recherches politiques de Sciences Po), qui révèle que 82 % des Français ont désormais une vision négative de la politique. Et où de plus en plus d’alternatives citoyennes émergent, dans l’espoir de réveiller la démocratie  .

Read more: “La Transition”, une initiative citoyenne, Lara Charmeil, WE Demain

The need to revive democracy through diversity and social inclusiveness is identified as a critical step to develop sustainable growth.

#5 Develop a socially driven ecosystem

“A l’instar du mouvement Civic Tech aux Etats-Unis émerge en France un écosystème de startups et d’associations animées par des objectifs sociaux.”

Read more: L’adimistration change avec le numérique, Modernisation de l’action publique

You can also learn how change can be driven through social intelligence.

#6 Instigate long term change through education

“Face à ces changements de paradigme, il faudra donc privilégier l’éducation. Frédéric Mazella affirmant qu’il est indispensable d’apprendre aux enfants à coder dès l’école. Tous les observateurs réunis s’accordant aussi à dire qu’il faut réformer la formation professionnelle. Un système qui coûte cher et qui ne profite pas aux chômeurs.”

Read more: Les impacts de la transformation numérique sur l’emploi, Fabian Ropars, Blog du modérateur

You can also learn how digital skills and mindset help to develop mindfully creative cultures. 

#7 Break away from existing ways of thinking


“What this would say is brainstorming is not enough without the deep knowledge development that you would need in a particular domain to understand what the issues are so that you can break away from existing ways of thinking.”

Read more: When does brainstorming work best? Sarah Kaplan, World Economic Forum

New ideas can also be generated by a smart analysis of differences across viewpoints in teams and projects.

#8 Present more answers than questions


“I guess the bottom line for entrepreneurs and startup founders is this: If your company and its products present customers with more questions than answers, you’re probably not ready for prime time.”

Experts also outline how creativity and diversity are critical to solve global challenges and find more answers.

#9 Connect the dots between experience and aims

Read more: #RIPTwitter, 6 lessons for every startup, Steve Tobak, Entrepreneur


“When considering non-traditional candidates, you may have to make a leap of faith. Sometimes that leap is a small one and sometimes it’s a larger one. Your effort to “connect the dots” between this person’s unique experience and your organization’s critical aims may be a great investment in your group’s success. The payoff can be huge.”

Read more: How to assess a job candidate that doesn’t fit the mold, Anna Ranieri, HBR

You can also learn how connecting experiences help entrepreneurs shape smarter business visions.

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