Daily Pick: 12 ideas to challenge innovation

Urging us to consider a constructive future, innovation analysts and experts seek to tackle complex issues by multiplying ideas and models which put human at the heart of their strategies. In order to remove barriers to innovation, organizations should align their objectives to apply new concepts beyond technologies and drive their culture towards a growing social future.

1 Generate more ideas

Facilitating innovation ideation is an art and a science that isn’t easy to do. It’s also definitely not for the faint of heart.” Marianne Carr, Brainzooming

2 Take on difficult issues

Another key to creating a culture of innovation is for leaders to challenge people higher up in the management chain. Leaders have to show the willingness to take on difficult issues, even when it means expressing disagreement with higher levels in the organization. By doing so, they raise a great respect from their colleagues.” Andrada Ghete, Performance Magazine

3 Create new business models

By changing the focus of innovation from atoms to bits and from hardware to software, IT has dramatically accelerated the process of business model development. Prototyping and testing that used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and took months to execute can now be effectively completed in a week at a fraction of the cost.” Halm Mendelson, BBVA Open Mind

4 Treat employees like human

There is little doubt that discretionary effort by people who are empowered to give their best produces not just better morale but also better products and services. The historical record shows a mix of better and worse attempts to achieve neither too tight nor too loose but “just right” control, a word that is as out of fashion as it is accurate. Corporate leaders will just have to keep trying.” Herminia Hibarra, HBR

5 Remove barriers to innovation

However, despite the consensus concerning the importance of innovation, it continues to be an area with which organizations and leaders struggle. In fact, drive for innovation was identified as one of the primary challenges organizations face based on a survey of over 1,000 leaders around the world (Martin, 2007). Given that leaders and organizations seem to care a great deal about being innovative, what is holding them back? Why aren’t companies as innovative as they want to be?” Center for Creative Leadership

6 Align innovation with group strategy

  1. “Build a digital and human employer model : concentrate on economic and social performance
  2. Reinvent customer relationship
  3. Offer a richer connectivity : keep improving Orange networks so they become “best in class”
  4. Diversify by capitalizing on Orange assets, including “mobile banking” and the Internet of Things: take a position on IoT
  5. Facilitate business customer transformation: develop the “BtoB” segment which represents a third of margin and revenues”

Guillaume Villon de Benveniste – The Innovation and Strategy Blog

7 Consider more than technology

The first step toward that kind of leadership in a digital economy, she said, is knowing the business as well as the business knows itself — understanding the marketplace trends and where opportunity for growth is. Knowing technology is important, but it’s not everything.” Jason Sparapani, Tech Target

8 Hire social scalers

“Social entrepreneurs address an existing demand or need by creating a supply, like a restaurant that employs people with disabilities. Social scalers, on the other hand, create supply and demand and link them together.Urs Jäger MIT Sloan Management Review

9 Learn from artists and designers

What can we learn from artists and designers for how to lead? Because in many senses, a regular leader loves to avoid mistakes. Someone who’s creative actually loves to learn from mistakes. A traditional leader is always wanting to be right, whereas a creative leader hopes to be right. And this frame is important today, in this complex, ambiguous space, and artists and designers have a lot to teach us, I believe.” John Maeda, Ted Talks

10 Become a “good” company


In order to obtain this label, companies need to comply with 200 social and environmental friendly performance criteria as well as show clear transparency engagements. (…). The online survey is free and available to all. We advise businesses of all size and sector to go through it, at least to position themselves, even if they do not wish to join the community for now.”  Antonin Leonard, Oui Share

11 Think more about the future


“The amount of time senior executives and decision makers spend thinking about the future tells a lot about how innovative they are.” Rajesh Chandy, London Business School 

12 Change your organization culture


“In this data-filled – and quite charming – talk, Rainer Strack suggests that countries ought to look across borders for mobile and willing job seekers. But to do that, they need to start by changing the culture in their businesses.Torben Rick

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